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ProtoMech WebComic (Issue 2 Cover) by jaromcswenson
ProtoMech (Webcomic) ISSUE 2
Author jaromcswenson
Series Name ProtoMech
Alternate Universe Name ProtoMech AU
Year Written 2021/2022
Story Era Dark Age Era


This is the second Webcomic issue of the Fan project ProtoMech Webcomic, set in 3140s Era. This is a continuation of jaromcswenson's alternate AU of the canon BattleTech universe. In this issue, Clan Hell's Horses unique Nova Star, the Cavalry Arrowhead, whom have been assigned to teamed up with a large Clan Jade Falcon task force to invade the Lyran Commonwealth world of New Leipzig. The primary production world for Commando Light BattleMech.

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Fan Web Comic[]


  • The Webcomic's author has added a prequel to Issue 2, where now there is a Issue 1.5. This splits off first 4 pages of Issue's content into their own prequel comic, focusing on Lyran militia defending the world.


  • The planet of New Leipzig is a non-canon world invented by the artist.
  • Like rest of the ProtoMech webcomic series, BattleMechs are smaller in-scale than canon designs.
  • JumpShips exhibit are ability to move/jump to planets vs having arrived in the edge of a Solar System. DropShips are more giant shuttlecraft verses interplanetary ships they are in canon.

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