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ProtoMech Webcomic Cover 1
ProtoMech (Webcomic) ISSUE 1.5
Author jaromcswenson
Series Name ProtoMech
Alternate Universe Name ProtoMech AU
Year Written 2021/2022
Story Era Dark Age Era


This is the second Webcomic issue of the Fan project ProtoMech Webcomic, set in 3140s Era. This is a continuation of jaromcswenson's alternate AU of the canon BattleTech universe. In this Issue, the cadets and militia going through their training routines, learning the basics of BattleMechs. This leads directly into Issue 2.

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Deviantart Download for the Webcomic's PDF

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Wiki Note[]

Originally, this was intended as part of Issue 2, however the author decided separate the entry into it's own 13 issue comic.


  • The planet of New Leipzig is a non-canon world invented by the artist.
  • Like rest of the ProtoMech webcomic series, BattleMechs are smaller in-scale than canon designs. Thus pilots in Light 'Mechs sitting partially inside upper shoulders of 'Mechs, while their seat swirls and upper parts moves with the "head" which is now armored canopy than fully enclosed cockpit.
  • JumpShips exhibit the ability to move/jump to planets vs having arrived in the edge of a Solar System. DropShips are more giant shuttlecraft verses interplanetary ships they are in canon.

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