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Project Legion AU (Cover Art)
Project LEGION
Product information
Type Alternative Universe
Primary writing Main Author
John "Kasaga" Sisk
Publication information
Content Drama
War Stories
Political Intrigue
Era Star League Era
Timeline 2786 - 3063


Project: Legion is a scifi war drama set during the 31st Century. Written by BattleTech fan writer, John ‘Kasaga’ Sisk. This is a multi-story & sourcebook scifi project. Featuring source books, four PDF stories, and a Technical Readout.


The basis of the story is centered the Terran Hegemony, the nation which founded the galactic sprawling Star League. In Project Legion, unlike in Canon where Hegemony was destroyed and consumed by war conducted by its's ambitious neighbors. The nation in exile would survive on a few worlds hidden within the Inner Sphere waiting day of liberation of it's former homelands and it's capital, Terra.


Source Books[]

  • Project Legion - Restore Hope
  • Project LEGION - Terran Hegemony Armed Forces Update (3066) : State of the THAF's armed forces, Regiments, Navies as of year 3066.
  • Project Legion - Hegemony Combat Power : Brief list of unique technologies used by the Terran Hegemony