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Pike Militia Support Tank (Image)
Pike Militia Support Tank
Custom Design
Designer Fabius Maximus
Production information
Manufacturer Taurian Territorial Industries
Taurian Concordat
Mission Second-Line Combat Vehicle
Militia Vehicle
Light Infantry Vehicle
Type Tracked
Technical specifications
Mass 60 tons
Armor Standard Armor
Front: 48
Sides: 38
Turret: 38
Back: 30
Engine Fuel Cell Engine
Heat Sinks: 10 (Single)
Speed 34.8 km/h
57.2 km/h (Flank)
Crew 3

Weapons List

BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 830[1]


The Pike Militia Support Tank is a variant of the Magistracy of Canopus's own Pike Support Tank. Rebuilt using recovered technology, the Taurian Concordat's Taurus Territorial Industries for export.

The first model of the Pike Militia tank was at first glance, was underwhelming. Especially given the focus on things like powered armor, but the Pike was an example of the kind of cheap firepower many militia groups obtained, especially when TTI and its Lyran associates took over the marketing.

Compared to the original Pike, the militia Pike lost any pretense at short ranged firepower, with three AC2s and a LRM providing long-ranged punch. Short range firepower, in a typically Taurian move, was provided by an infantry compartment. Rather than adding inadequate SRM racks, the TTI engineers argued that dug in infantry, which could be moved around by the Pike would provide more of a deterrent to most enemies, as well as giving them a choice--shoot at the infantry or the pike. The fact that no enemy could be certain what type of infantry, if any, any Pike lance might carry with it, added a bit of hesitation on the part of pilots who might not want to suddenly meet the business in of SRM infantry units.

Armament & Equipment[]

The Militia variant of the Pike features a 180-Rated Fuel Cell engine, giving it modest flank speed. It's hull is protected by 13 tons of standard armor, with almost even protection around it's entire side of the vehicle and turret. More akin to a Infantry Support Vehicle, the Tank has 1-ton Infantry Bay to allow modest size squad of troops to be embarked in combat.

Firepower comes from it's three long reaching Class-2 Autocannons mounted in the turret with two tons ammunition in the main body. Additional long-range firepower comes it's 10-tubed Long-Range Missile launcher, also mounted in the turret. Two tons of ammunition is fitted in the hull, giving it 24 volleys of fire.


Pike Artillery Support Vehicle
The Artillery variant of the vehicle introduced just prior to the Clan Invasion, was not as successful as it's Militia variant. Poorly trained Militia personnel were not able properly employ it's Sniper Artillery piece effectively against oncoming Clan troops. The tank increases it's armor protection to 16 tons, while Sniper Artillery piece is feed with three tons ammunition. Retained is it's Infantry Bay to support the vehicle should personnel close in, as well as single use A-Pod anti-personnel weapon. BV2: 873. C-Bill: 1,733,600

Technical Information[]

  • Availability: Late Succession Wars Era
  • Tech Rating: E/X-D-D-D
  • Total Cost:        1,493,000 C-Bills
  • Battle Value:      830


  • Image Used is a AI Drawn pictured altered, image was modified showing proximate appearance of the vehicle.
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