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Peter Matlin Born on Somerset in 3025 attended Somerset military Academy and graduated Mechwarrior in 3049 was assigned to the Marik Front Just as the Clan War Began.

Infuriated for not being allowed a transfer back to that border he Quickly antagonized his superior officers and found himself facing dismissal from the service when he was offered a billet with the 1st Raider Regiment Being assembled by War of 39 Veteran Douglas Mortimer.

He quickly rose to a Lance Commander in the 15th Raider Battalions A Company after twenty years and nine Campaigns he is Being Considered for Command of the 15th When Colonel Kerwin Retires

He has piloted Nothing but ShadowHawks Since Graduation and is on his Fifth this a 9MC with Light Gauss Rifle ER Mediums and C3 Slave has served him well