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Peter Class Scout (Colorized)
Peter-Class Scout
Production information
Manufacturer Lyran Commonwealth / Lockheed/CMB Corporation of Tharkad
Use Surveillance Vessel / Spy Ship / Scout
Tech Base Inner Sphere Experimental / Custom
Cost 2,755,151,000 C-Bills
Introduced 3082
Technical specifications
Mass 5,500 tons
Length 135 Meters
Sail Diameter 12 Meters
Fuel 5,100 Tons
Burn Rate ?????
Safe Thrust 3
Top Thrust 5
Sail Integrity 2
KF Drive Integrity 2
LF Battery No
Armament Main Weaponry
  • x8 ER PPCs
  • x16 ER Medium Lasers
  • x46 Anti-Missile System
Armor Lamellor Ferro-carbide
DropShip Capacity 0
Small Craft/
AeroSpace Fighters
1 / 0
Crew 9 Officers
37 Crew
10 Gunners
5 Bay Personnel
Grav Decks 3 (75 Meters, x2 125 meter diameters)
Escape Pods/Life Boats 5 / 0
Heat Sinks 89 Double Heat Sinks
Structural Integrity 35
BV (1.0) 5,275[1]
BV (2.0)


The Peter-Class Scout is a Inner Sphere Warship produced in the Alternate Timeline with Thanks (ATwT) AU and designed by player Dragon Cat in 2014.

Known Ship History[]

In 3080 the Lyran Commonwealth were looking for a scout ship that would allow them to watch their neighboring realms. Archon Peter Steiner-Davion challenged his designers to provide his realm with an affordable vessel capable of filling this role.

In a very un-Lyran way Thinking smaller is better and itching to use their newly recovered Sub-Compact KF Drive Lockheed/CMB Corporation of Tharkad contacted Federated Boeing of the Federated Suns and purchased rights to manufacture the Gazelle-class DropShip. Using this ship as a template they began their design process. Debuting their first Peter-class Scout in 3082.

Since it's deployment, the Class has been also allowed to be sold to the SLDF.

Notable Vessels & Crews:[]

  • LCS Peter - Lead ships of the class. First launched in 3082
  • SLS Fletcher - Ship was lost in 3114, while on survey mission in Clan Hell Horse's Occupation Zone when the ship was attacked by Horse's Cruiser. The surviving crew was rescued by SLDF Special Ops team.[2]


So far only five vessels have been ordered by the LCAF one named for each of Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner’s children. The first the Peter was delivered in 3082 however the cost of construction is likely to be the downfall of the class as the cost of the Sub-Compact Core is very high.

Armament and Equipment[]

The Peter-class is slightly heavier than a standard Gazelle and is slightly slower it can achieve 1.5G of safe thrust and 2.5G maximum speed. The ships hull mimics the shape and size of a Gazelle almost perfectly with almost no indications the ship is anything but a standard Gazelle.

Internally the massive vehicle bay of the Gazelle has been replaced with mainly the K-F Drive Core and a single Small Craft Bay. Externally fake auto cannon and missile placements have been placed on the hull to mimic a Gazelle’s defense weapons while an array of sixteen Extended-Range Medium Lasers and eight Extended-Range Particle Projection Cannons provide the ship with minimal offensive firepower. Finally for defense twenty-four Anti-Missile Systems ring the vessel evenly providing missile defense fire.

Weapon Placement[]

  • NOSE -
    x4 ER Medium Lasers
  • Front Right & Left (side) (per each firing arc) -
    x2 ER PPCs
    x2 ER PPCs
    6x AMS (144 rounds)
  • BROADSIDE (side) Right & Left (per each firing arc) -
    6x AMS (144 rounds)
  • AFT Right & Left (per each per firing arc) -
    4 Medium Lasers
    6x AMS (144 rounds)
  • AFT -
    2xER Medium Lasers


  • Bay 1 - Small Craft (1) - 1 Doors
  • Bay 2 - Cargo (Tons?) - 1 Door


  • Missing Information - Since the use of the HeavyMetal Aero design program, this has lead to missing information. Stats for this ship may be different should it be updated / remade using a more update design program, such as MegaMekLab or spread sheet calculator.
  • Image Note - The image used is infact the proximate appearance of the ship. This art is of a actual canon Gazelle-Class DropShip