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Pema-Kalsang was recruited recently by the Dust Devils from open tryouts in the Aurigan Coalition, and earned a seat in the unit's BattleMech training cadre.

MRBC Dossier - 3065[]


The D9-G9 Duan Gung that Pema-Kalsang dubbed "Chomolungma" is a recent acquisition by the Dust Devils, purchased directly off the Detroit Consolidated MechWorks lines on their headquarter world and given a straightforward upgrade package as is standard for the unit's training cadre machines. Replacing the standard medium lasers with extended-range models gives the speedy fire support platform better reach, while swapping the ten-tube LRM launcher with a pair of smaller LRM-5's saves enough weight to add a half-ton of armor and CASE to the ammo bins to increase surviveability.