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The Patton II represents a straightforward upgrade to Defiance Industries' original 3027 Patton.


In the wake of the technological renaissance that followed the wide distribution of the Helm Memory Core's data and the violent return of the Clans to the Inner Sphere, there was a great deal of pressure on the military-industrial complexes of the Successor States to rapidly deploy more capable combat units to the front lines. As was the case with many combat vehicle manufacturers, Defiance Industries saw an opportunity to reduce overhead by simply upgrading existing production designs with more advanced weaponry, rather than starting from the drawing board.

That Patton II Main Battle Tank represents one example of this philosophy. More a variant of the orignal Patton than a true new vehicle, the Patton II is nearly identical to its predecessor, but with a superior weapons loadout.

Weapons & Equipment[]

The Patton II replaces the primary autocannon of the parent design with a Defiance Disintigrator LB 10-X Autocannon, the small laser with an extended-range version, and the LRM-5 with an MML-5, while dropping the flamethrower. The autocannon draws from a ton each of cluster and slug rounds, while the launcher carries a ton each of short- and long-range missiles, allowing for a greater deal of flexibility, reach, and hitting power than the original.