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Example of a PPC firing

Example of a Standard PPC fired, with lightning like discharge seen sent out.

Weapon Description[]

The Particle Projector Cannon (abbreviated as the PPC) is a canon type of long-range Energy weapon used in the BattleTech universe. This weapon unlike Lasers, projects a azur/blue-white color lightning bolt type stream of energy at it's designated target causing thermal and kinetic energy damage to the target.

Arguably most powerful of the common (original) energy weapons found in use in the Inner Sphere. The lightning-like projecting weapon was typical found on most units that could handle the weight and heat of the weapon. Requiring a energy source such as Fusion engines or steady high energy source.

The Standard PPC remains in use despite newer version of the weapons being developed which had better range versions of it rising, due to cost and commonality of the weapon which can still do respectable damage to target.

There are many variations of Particle Projector Cannon, such as;
ER PPC - Extended Range Particle Projection Cannon which has better range than normal PPC which was further improved by the Clans.
Snub-Nose PPC - A specialized close-quarters version, which has better accuracy up close while diminished long range capabilities.
Light PPC - A lighter, but long range version of the original PPC, offering size of a Medium Laser with equal damage of that weapon.
Naval PPC - (NPPC) Capital/Warship Scale weapon, which is part of an extremely large family of PPCs found on WarShips or Space Defense Platforms, with devastating fire power.
Heavy PPC - This version of the standard PPC increases the damage to be able similar damage that of the Clan's version of the ER PPC.
Improve PPC - An early Clan prototype weapon which has better range and damage capabilities. Replaced by the Clan ER PPC.
Man-Portal PPC - Infantry sized version of the weapon. Unlike other versions, the limit number of rounds it can be fired. It also can be mounted on Battle Armor

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  • This is a canon reference article, not a fan created weapon.

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