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Before the new rules set detailed in Total Warfare, getting behind partial cover was a risky move. Should your opponent manage to hit you despite the modifier in your favor, there is a 1:6 chance you will suffer a head hit, versus the standard 1:36 chance. To make partial cover a more viable option, this rule was adapted from the RPG.

Because of the change to the partial cover rule in Total Warfare, this house rule is no longer needed (indeed, it has been incorporated).


When a 'Mech is behind partial cover (whether submerged or because of a level 1 hill), the attacker receives no modifier because of the cover (the -1 for the target being in water still applies, if applicable). Instead, when rolling on the to-hit tables, any hit location that would ordinarily strike a leg misses instead.

Optionally, if the partial cover modifier (which is no longer being counted) would have made the shot impossible, then the unit still cannot fire.


The change in how partial cover works: In older editions, Partial Cover was a +3 to hit modifier and hit-locations were rolled on the Punch Location Table. This made Partial Cover very effective at long range, but at short range, you were punished for taking partial cover, because 16% of attacks hit you in the face, rather than the usual 2%. Under the new Total Warfare rules, Partial Cover is a +1 to hit modifier, but you use the standard hit location chart and any hits rolled against the legs become misses. This makes Partial Cover far more evenly effective across all range brackets.