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Custom Design
Designer Autumn Mist Limited
Production information
Manufacturer General Motors
Model PZF-15A
Class Assault
Cost 10,872,000 C-Bills
Technical specifications
Mass 100 Tons
Chassis Standard
Armor 18 Tons of Light Ferro-Fibrous
Engine Standard 300
Speed Cruising: 32km/h

Flank: 54km/h

Jump Jets 90 meters

1x Rotary AC/5

1x LRM-15

4x Light PPC

1x Medium Laser

BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) 2,487


The Panzerfaust design was sold to General Motors by AM Limited in 3060 but only six models were able to roll off the GM Kathil line before the facility was destroyed by Word of Blake forces. Luckily the six production models had already been shipped out and assigned to the Davion Assault Guards where they performed admirably in the final battles of the retaking of New Avalon from Word forces and later in the retaking of Terra under Devlin Stone.

The 'Mech is a rather standard design using mostly off the shelf parts to form its core. This choice to keep things simple was the only reason any 'Mechs were finished at all before the Kathil facility was destroyed. The Assault Guard maintenance units are also quite fond of the decision as it allows for more time in the field and less time in the shop. The 'Mech's Light Ferro-Fibrous armored shell, however, is of the latest design and allows it to take extreme punishment.


The Panzerfaust is designed to overwhelm single targets with massive firepower or to take on multiple targets equally and can operate equally well in open or urban terrain. Its primary weapon system is a devastating Mydron Rotary AC/5 that is provided with four tons of CASE protected ammunition. Just as impressive however is the quartet of arm mounted Light PPC, two to each arm, that help take the fight to the enemy at distances the Autocannon cannot reach. An LRM-15 with a ton of CASE protected munitions helps round out the Panzerfaust's heavy arsenal. A single Medium Laser is mounted in the rear center torso to help ward off attacks from behind. Fifteen double heat sinks help to keep the 'Mech cool but can not quite manage the full load of weapons if fired continuously.


GM has agreed to continue providing any necessary parts kits the Guards might need but full production is unlikely to re-start any time soon which means variant models will be confined to field modifications.