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Duke Ottho Steiner-Braunschweig (von Verneigung) was a Lyran nobleman and the ruler of the small merchant hub world of Verneigung in the Tamar Pact, on the Lyran border with the Draconis Combine. A member of the Lyran Commonwealth's ruling Steiner family and distant relative of the Archon by marriage to his wife Helga, Duke Steiner-Braunschweig was the patriarch of the cadet branch House Steiner-Braunschweig.

In 3020, Lyran intellgence discovered that Duke Steiner-Braunschweig had been allowing Kuritan intelligence access to restricted data and locations on Verneigung and other worlds nearby, in exchange for data on the location of SLDF caches in the coreward Periphery. In response the Lyrans hired a mercenary company, Crowe's Bloody Buccaneers, to kill the traitorous Duke as he attempted to flee Verneigung.

In truth, the Duke had been set up by ROM agents operating within both Lyran Intelligence and the Kuritan Internal Security Force. Obsessed with expanding a personal collection of rare and extinct BattleMechs, Steiner-Braunschweig had been tracking the activities of ComStar's Explorer Corps, and was subsequently marked for assassination by Verneigung's local Precentor.

After his death, rule over Verneigung was taken over by his widow, Helga Steiner, who would drop the surname of her late disgraced husband.