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The cheapest Mech of the combo. This is named after vengeful ghosts and are serviced primarily by militia or backwater regular forces. They are meant to swarm in a large number, and cost only about the same as 2 Urban Mechs.

The Mech is meant to hit and then either run or die. It sports an MRM-40, albeit with 2 tons of reloads and a sword for possible head hits. If it numbered a Daishi C say in equal cost, it could win due to head hits alone.

Onryu (Vengeful Spirit)
Custom Design
Designer Draconis Combime
Production information
Manufacturer Draconis Combine
Model Militia Attrition
Class Medium
Cost 3,812,946
Technical specifications
Mass 40 tons
Chassis Endosteel
Armor Ferrofibrous
Engine 200 Fusion
Speed 5/8/5
Jump Jets Standard

1 MRM 40 2 tons of ammo

BV (1.0) 783
BV (2.0) ???


The attacks on the Combine by the Clans and Word of Blake have united the Draconis Combine like never before. Large amounts are volunteering, and House Kurita decided to make a Militia Force to complement the traditional DCMS in accordance with Theodore Kurita's Reforms.

This new, cheap Mech takes advantage of the flood of pilots, some of which seem surprisingly talented, to wreak utter havoc on the enemy in any area they can gather numbers. Fast, medium and light Mechs with longer-ranged weaponry can pose a problem, but the Militia's Goals is purely supplementary, not for prolonged conflict.

Several Regiments are these are now stationed at Luthien, within Law City since the guarantee that any trainee who can match an elite MW in simulations and tests shall be given one of these Mechs. The DCMS has gone full swing, but still lacks in numbers to some extremely talented Mech Pilots.


Basically a C3 Slave to take advantage of any C3 network or a Draconis Combo. 1 MRM 40 is the main source of attack. This weapon features 8 shots, which may have to be spread out due to heat problems. The sword is primarily for propaganda purposes, as in any battle of equivalent cost/materials and numbers, especially long term, at least 1 head hit will occur.

The real damage is the C3 however, especially if linked to an Artillery Mech like the Karasu (Artillery LAM).

This Mech is just meant to swarm a static location with large numbers, or fight in a battle of attrition until reinforcements arrive. Ammunition is very cheap and available for the MRMs, and the launchers are easier to maintain. Likewise even a dry Mech can use the sword.