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Rifts ng ex 9 behemoth super explorer by chuckwalton d6tp5x4-pre

The Omicron Explorador was 0ne of many Scattered threw out the Omicron empire they are a True Omega Class Relic.a forgotten age. made in 3012 before its invasion and collapse in was built by the Bloody plates corp an Industry Dedicated to the expansion of the omicron empire.Only 20 are know to is clear the Bloody plates corp. took great joy in this mech as its arsenal is capable of immense destruction..we wonder exactly why they would build such destructive Vehicles but one thing is clear.They loved the art of overkill. it's armor is made Of a rare Ore called Contranium It is super light but strong enough to hold 100 thousand tons of metal on a single inch wide beam,Survive falling in lava,it has shock absorbing capability capable of surviving a fall from orbit while giving its pilot only a case of whiplash It also is light and capable of stopping most weapons fire.This is a True Omega (aka primal Omega) Class mech Out of the 5 Omega classes which are,Light Omega (8000 tons),Omega(15000 tons),Heavy Omega (30000tons) and Alpha Omega (50000 tons)And Primal Omega(100 thousand tons)Their Frame and Chasis are made of the same metal but the outside is Covered in the Colored Polymer Made out of Purple crystal sheeting

Omicron Explorador
Custom Design
Designer Omicron head of science roland
Production information
Manufacturer Bloody
Model Version 1.37
Class Primal Omega (aka True Omega)
Cost Unkown (relic,Blue printable)
Technical specifications
Mass 100.000 tons
Chassis Contranium Frame and gyro
Armor Contranium Plates (Outter layer),Pig Iron Metal platting (3rd most inner),Gold Platting (second most inner) star metal with diamond weave (most inner layer of armor)
Engine Cold Fusion Reactor (With 800 thousand horse power or more)
Speed 150KMS-450KMS
Jump Jets 40 Omicron variety

8xppc's,3X Very High powered mining lasers,1XGauss Rifle,3X LBX AC 20's,8X LRM-20's,E.M.P satellite beam,Orbital strike caller

BV (1.0) Version 1.37
BV (2.0)