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M98a3 behemoth superheavy railgun tank updated by duskie 06 d89l1mp-pre
Mega Tank
Custom Design
Designer Bloody Plates corp
Production information
Manufacturer Bloody Plates corp
Mission everything
Type Tank
Cost Unknown
Technical specifications
Mass 200 tons
Armor Armor Layout
Contranium Plates (Outter layer)
Pig Iron Metal platting (3rd most inner)
Gold Platting (second most inner)
star metal with diamond weave
(most inner layer of armor)
Engine Cold Fusion Reactor
(With 200 thousand horse power or more)
Speed 98KMH
Crew 2
  • 2X Dark Matter Railguns,
  • 1X Minigun,
  • Large Pulse Laser Turrets
BV (1.0) 1.5
BV (2.0) 1.5

Brief Description[]

The Mega Tank Is a Deadly Device It Has The Arsenal.

The Omicron mega Tank Is Made out of similar material as the mechs but all this Tank has is 2 Dark Matter Cannons in the railgun,2 large pulse laser turrets,one minigun.