The Odin is bassicly a turret on legs, It only has a top speed of 40 kh though, and even that requires 10 tons of engine upgrades compared to its default varient, which has a top speed of 26 kh. The Odin is an overly massive mech weighing in at 100 tons, it is uniqe in having no arms. The Odin can't mount jump jets, but if it could they would weigh 11.5 tons.


The Odin has never been encountered by Inner Sphere forces, the only people who use it are the Clans and the Periphery nations. During an attack by clan Hellhorse on Vulture Techs main base, of the three dropships, 1 was shot down by the defending lance of Odins before it could drop a screening force. The screening force of 10 heavy mechs was taken out by a combination of the defending lance, and the bases turrets. After the 2 dropships landed 1 was taken out before it could unload its cargo. the 2 stars of mechs held in the last dropship, along with supporting fire from the dropship, destroyed 3 of the 4 mechs. At this point another lance of Odins arrived and the res of the HellHorse forces were destroyed. In an odd twist of scyological warfare, Vulture Tech gave Clan HellHorse a free Odin to show them what had destroyed their forces.


The odins armament is simple, 2 clan railguns. it also mounts LAMS and a built in advanced torso without wich it wouldn't be able to survive the recoil.


Varient 1 - The only known varient was made by Clan HellHorse, they removed the standard railguns and replaced them with 4 CLBX20's.


The Odins, massvie amount of weaponry and armour, limit it to an engine usually used for heavy mechs. Vulture tech refuses to sell these mechs to the Inner Sphere. desbite numerous offers from the Wolfs Dragoons.