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The Nydus is a medium second line supprt mech designed by Vulture Tech. Its designed on the same principle as the IS Holander mech. Unlike the hollander it is based on beam weapons.


The Inner Sphere only encountered 1 Nydus when they captured on that had been purchased by the clans. Upon finding it it was instantly thought to be some kind of Solitare '2'. currently the davion gaurd has no idea as to the Nydus's actual manufacturer. The IS call the Nydus the Azuir, due to the azuire like wips of lighting from its main weapon.


The Nydus's primary armament is 1 lincked capacitator PPC, and 2 heavy medium lasers.


Varient 1 - This varient is built around heat delivery systems and mounts a plasma cannon and 2 flamers.

Varient 2 - The rarest varient of the Nydus is also the most expensive. Its designed to temporarily immobilize assault mechs. for this purpose it mounts 3 VTlasers