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Custom Design
Designer RagTag
Production information
Manufacturer Clan Hells Horses
Model -
Class Assault
Cost 19.516.800
Technical specifications
Mass 90t
Chassis Standard
Armor Standard
Engine 270XL
Speed 3/5/3 (54kp/h)
Jump Jets 3

2xUltra Autocannon/5
3xExtended Range Medium Laser

BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 2,632


The NovaSurfer was designed by Clan Hells Horses prior to their attempt to mimic the Ghostbear-Clan in moving their entire population to the Inner Sphere. Knowing that this task was not lightly to be taken and could cause severe problems during the relocation-phase if not kept secret, a council of high-ranked warriors opted for the creation of a new second-line Battlemech that would handle defensive situations easily. Also, with an eye on scarce cargo space, it was to be used together with Battle Armors, so that a single Star of NovaSurfers would form an effective formation in conjunction with any given number of Elementals. Thinking of a suitable name, a minor, freeborn warrior only known as Marlow came up with the idea of a supernatural spirit that rides the waves of interstellar explosions. Though some within the Hells Horses deemed the name 'un-clanlike' due to its source and irrational nature, the name stuck. Where Marlow got his idea from is unknown, though he is noted to have a great deal of interest in early terran vintage of the pre-stellar age.

The 'Mech itself is highly capable of carrying out its intended role. Topping out at just over 50 kph, the NovaSurfer is as fast as most assaults, but the inclusion of jumpjets makes it quite mobile for a defensive 'Mech. 17 tons of standard armor and an AMS located in the 'Mechs Center Torso protect the machines 270XL powerplant, that is deemed a bit too vulnerable by some critics. So far, this potential drawback has not been verified in actual combat.


Armed with long-range hold-the-line missions in mind, the NovaSurfer relies mainly on its two ERPPCs an its autocannons mounted in the 'Mech's arms, which are generously supplied with two tons of ammunition each. Backup for this effective combination is made up of 3 ERMeds (mounted in the 'Mech's arms and head) and an ammo-conserving SSRM-4 in the left torso.


No variants are known, but it is very likely that newly developed clan-technology will be deployed soon, making this stalwart opponent even more of a line-holder.


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