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Custom Design
Designer Underadarkhand
Production information
Manufacturer Nuvo Spartan Mech Works
Model NK1
Class Medium
Cost 11,261,500 C-Bills
Technical specifications
Mass 50 Tons
Chassis Endo Steel
Armor Ferro-Fibrous
Engine 350 XL Fusion
Speed Walk 75.6 km/h

Max 118.8 km/h

Jump Jets 7
BV (1.0) 1,966
BV (2.0) 2,048


The Nike was designed by the Lost Clan Nuvo Sparta to be a recon killer. It pulls this job off well considering its high speed and heavy armaments. The downside to this 'Mech is that it's size makes it a little less than ideal for the role of recon killer. Most recon 'Mechs run when they see this monster chasing after them.

It did fit another role just as well if not better, that of the hit-and-run guerrilla. Its nine tons of armor and all energy weapons payload makes it a great behind enemy lines fighter.


The Nike's main weapon, a Large Pulse Laser, is backed up by two Medium Pulse Lasers and a Small Pulse Laser. This high heat producing payload is cooled by twelve double heat sinks that keep the heat down to a reasonable level.


A recent find in one of the older archives in Nuvo Spartan space shows that there was a small amount, of what has become known as the NK.5, built. The weapon systems that were replaced by the pulse lasers consisted of one ER Large Laser, three ER Medium Lasers, two ER Small Lasers and it carries fifteen double heat sinks to keep it cool. It is unknown why this variant disappeared from the Lost Clan's Ranks.