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Ngo Megaverse
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Type Multi-Universe Stories
Primary writing : Cannonshop
 : Dragon Cat
 : JA Baker
Publication information
Content Drama
War Stories
Political Intrigue
Interstellar Political Drama
Saga Story
Era Clan Invasion Era
Jihad Era
Dark Age Era
Timeline 3050s - 3190s (etc)
Series 4


Ngo Megaverse is a multi-generational family drama set in the Battletech Universe. Its themes vary; involving political intrigue, military-campaigns, hardcore science fiction, to name a few styles. Primarily written by Cannonshop, with various authors adding their own add-on stories since 2018.

Ngo Megaverse is overall (wiki created name) that describes multi-stories and revamps of original Ngoverse storylines written by Cannonshop.

Over the years Cannonshop has been revamped and taken different approach in telling the tale of his central characters inhabiting the Battletech universe.

He has written at least four versions of this story as of this writing. Ngo based story primary focused on it's principle character, Elizabeth Ngo. Duchess of the farflung Lyran Commonwealth world of Kowloon. Additional stories have centered around other members of the Ngo family, from Elizabeth's Children and Grand Children. Which all descent from uniquely Vietnamese background and very strong accents (in some cases difficult to understand) of language.

This page describes briefly different overall Universes that encompasses the Ngo Family. Which has been redone four times in the past as of this writing.

The following is break down per universe, which as linked stories books (story arcs) which all have been collected from posts on the Bg.Battletech Forums. As of this writing, only some of these stories written by the author have been collected and republished on the wiki.

  • Wiki Note: Not all stories of Cannonshop or his previous works have been completely collected. Editor Outsider7724 has been currently collecting them over time. See below details if others wish to contribute posting the remaining stories yet posted. Some Cannonshop's earlier stories have not been posted due to them possibly being lost or unaccessible due to those being posted on forum boards no longer accessible. The index listed for 2.0, 3.0 was originally posted by Trace Colburn on BG Battletech forums. Cannonshop does not archive or save his stories, he posts them only.

Ngo-verse version 2.0(?)[]

The Ngo-verse went through several iterations over the years, as Cannonshop honed his writing skills and learned better control of his urge to ‘power-game’ through the Ngos and Kowloonese.  This iteration was the second version I ever saw, back before these were even adopted by (then) FanPro as the official forums, and while I can’t deny Cannonshop’s passion for the material or his ability to write an exciting narrative, the power-level of his protagonists is far higher than seen in later takes, with the semi-natural consequence that they ended up all but running the entire Lyran Commonwealth at points.

-(Sadly, the original version which have been posted appears to have been lost to the data-tides of the Internet.  It showcased an even more powerful(!) set of Ngos/’Loonies, but included some really interesting ideas.  For instance, in that version, the Ice Hellions were also part of the Jade Falcon invasion of Kowloon... rather to their regret.  That was the version where CIH MechWarriors on Kowloon were getting ambushed by Marauders armed with MetalStorm AC/10’s in combat, or falling afoul of twelve-gauge vasectomies from ’Loonie boobytraps when they dis-/re-mounted....)

3063 — ...and Every Mother's Son Will Suffer (reposted by wolfcannon)

Ngo-Verse 3.0 Guide of Stories[]

The Ngo-verse 3.0 is an older version of the story retold countless times in the past.

Time Line of the Ngo-verse 3.0[]

Main Ngo Timeline (Ngo-verse 3.0(?))

2729 — Kowloon Rising (re-post: complete)
2768 — A Pound of Flesh — from the Debtor’s Chest (re-post: complete)
2776 — When the Man Comes Around  co-written by blacktigeractual  (re-post: complete)

3052 — Unsuitable (re-post: complete)
3059 — Blood of my Motherland (re-post: complete)
3061 — Moving Towards Madness (re-post: complete)
3063 — Enter the Falcon  co-written by Blackhorse 6  (re-post: complete)
3075 — For the Liberty of Others (re-post: complete)
3076 — Awards and Rewards  co-written by Deathrider6  (re-post: complete)
3077 — Standards and Decisions (re-post: complete)
3079 — Never Coming Home (re-post: complete)
3081 — Sweetness and Light (re-post: pending)
3081 — For the Good of the Nation (re-post: pending)
3081 — Genesis — (re-post: pending)
3082 — For Home and People (re-post: pending)
3082 — Finding Your Feet (re-post: pending)
3083 — Rule of Law (re-post: pending)
3083 — The Rule of Man (re-post: pending)

[unknown timeframe] — In Hell (re-post: pending)

3084 — My Homeland, My People (re-post: pending)
3085 — Going Home (re-post: pending)
3086 — Show Me How It Hurts (re-post: pending)
3087 — My Native Land (re-post: pending)
3087 — Sing Songs of Unity (re-post: pending)

3088 — ‘3089’ (re-post: pending)
3089 — A Forest (re-post: pending)
3090 — A Cold War (re-post: pending)
3091 — Overviews (re-post: pending)
3092 — And Angels Weep (re-post: pending)
3094 — Stoke the Flame of the Empire (re-post: pending)
3097 — In Blue (re-post: pending)
3099 — Dark Places (re-post: pending)
3099 — Burial Plots (re-post: pending)

Primer on Kowloon
Primer on Cholmann’s Syndrome

Ngo-Verse 3.0 AI side-line[]

Technically speaking, the ‘Tabby’ stories take place in the normal Ngo-verse, but there’s next to no interaction between Tabiranth and the ’Loonies.

[No timestamp] — Identify  (re-post: complete)

3068 — Sybil   originally a stand-alone fic written by Giovanni Blasini  (re-post by Giovanni Blasini: in progress)
3069 — Knock, Nock   fan-novel co-written by Cannonshop, Giovanni Blasini, and Deathrider6  (re-post: complete)
3083 — Ascension   co-written by Giovanni Blasini, Liam’s Ghost, and Cannonshop (re-post: in progress)
3085 — Cast Down from Grace  (re-post: complete)

Ngo-verse 4.0[]

Ngo-verse version 4.0(?)  (With many thanks to glitterboy2098 for initially compiling these links.)

In this iteration of the Ngo-verse, Mizz Liz is something less of a force-of-nature; she’s just as smart and driven and passionate as ever, but she enters the nobility (and ‘repossesses’ Kowloon) in 3057 as a sixteen-year-old, some five years earlier than in previous treatments, which leaves her far less politically adept.  Instead of steamrolling everyone in her way, she actually faces pushback from other power-players in the Lyran Commonwealth, who have vastly more experience and resources in managing would-be disruptors. The Arluna Flu shows up and really upsets the various applecarts....

3057 — How to you apologize to THEM?: a Elizabeth Ngo featurette  Apparently takes place right after Mizz Liz ‘repossesses’ Kowloon, as seen in A Question of Labour
3058 — Not necessarily to everyone's taste
3058 — Her Wings
3063 — Her Boots
3059/3065 — The Watery Silence  The Arluna Flu strikes again!
3067 — The Politics of Compromise
3067 — Spreading Darkness
3075 — Cool Wind
3076 — Black Jumpsails

The Administrator AU[]

The Administrator story is set in what would be termed as the Dark Age Era, which is generation after the events of the original story (Late Succession Wars Era to end of the Jihad in 3081) which focus on Amanda Ngo's daughter (Elizabeth Ngo's Grand Daughter) Sharon Ngo, whom is a military commander and Duchess of Kowloon. Where she over course decades starting in 3142, she becomes the moving force behind the variant of the Ngoverse.


  • Black Jumpsails: Kowloon Anthology - Set in times before book 1, short stories recounting events set in the Administrator AU.
  • Book One - The Administrator - Center around military officer turn Duchess Sharon Ngo, whom is recruited by Lyran Commonwealth to SAVE IT. From itself, from outsiders attempting bend it to their will.
  • Book Two - The Advisor - In the aftermath of War with the Falcons, where Lyran Commonwealth a risen to interstellar power. Friendly nation of Federated Suns has requested someone help them rebuild their Navy. The Lyran Commonwealth Navy has a person in mind to advise them.
  • Book Three - The Absolute Zero - Thrusted into power, Danai Liao-Centrella , faces tough future as well needing move past the pain of the past. Reaching out to others, triggers event which would change the universe.
  • Book Four - The Adjudicator - Enter Military lawyer, Charissa Ngo, daughter of Paul Ngo, Now on a mission she didn't expect to accept. Not like she had a choice.
  • Book Five - The Silent Black Ocean - The Clans are coming, but not in way the Inner Sphere envisioned. Brave men and woman of the Lyran Commonwealth among others joins expedition handle an unexpected event of interstellar magnitude.
  • Book Six - The Armada - The Enemy is real and the future is uncertain. New heroes rise in place of the fallen storied heroes of old as fate of all humanity is at stake.

Alternate Ngoverse[]

Retelling of the original story, which include Elizabeth Ngo's childhood and upbringing to her rein as Duchess living on borrowed time. Later books of the series are set years just after the Jihad, as Elizabeth Ngo & Nathan Roshak's biological twin children have become adults. The later stories are centers around their coming of age in the adult world as Amanda & Patrick Ngo stories take shape and universe is effected by their story. Amanda the black space sailor, Nathan the Warrior, and Heir-Apparent to throne of Kowloon.
The chief difference of this series / parallel universe to the original Ngo AU is the Arlana Flu never accrues. The virus breakout was chief driver in the main story. This AU tells the tale how things take shape Without it.

Books of the Alternate Nogverse Series[]

  • Can you tell me where can we start over? - Book 1, Elizabeth Ngo's origin story in the Alternate Ngo Universe.
  • Silent Enim Inter Arma - Book 2, the Trial of Elizabeth Ngo for her actions during the end days of the Jihad.
  • The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet - Cadet Amanda Ngo's initial cruise in her final year of the Kowloon Coast Guard. Where she and her shipmate end up taking usual trip beyond a standard training mission.
  • I used to Dream - Patrick Ngo, brother Amanda comes to grips of events of Amanda's training cruise. He becomes something he hadn't expected and meeting new people on the way, as he never looses sight on his twin sister.
  • Important People - Amanda finishes her cruise and is commissioned, however finds herself drafted / activated by the Lyran Commonwealth Navy for a military tour she had not expected. Where she meets people she would never expect encounter in her original chosen career.

Side Stories by Cannonshop[]

While, not considered as part of the main link of stories which have been re-written but virtually unchanged but with few tweeks. These side stories or Alternate stories stay beyond the norm. Where no one story is the same or remotely related to the original books published, with wild ideas while still holding on to the main cast of characters.

The Horde Returns (Orcs in the Lyran Commonwealth)[]

A twist in the original primary story of the Ngo family set in the Succession Wars. Where Elizabeth Ngo, and her family are in fact Orcs. Where the setting of the BattleTech Universe co-exists with other intelligent people of fantasy, such as Gremlins, Orcs, and other demi-Humans while still in far future where armies of giant humanoid warmachines known as BattleMechs march countless worlds.

Lest we drown in the darkness...[]

Stand alone book set up as prequel to many of the stories of the Ngo Megaverse. This is set during the Star League Civil War, focus on Elizabeth Ngo's storied and notorious ancestor, Tranh Truk Ngo. Highlighting his early campaign to wage war against his Kowloon's hated people, the Rim Worlds Republic for the crimes against humanity they inflicted on his people during their occupation of his homeworld.

Hunted Tribes AU[]

Hunted Tribes is a story by Hotpoint which crosses BattleTech with the 2003 reimagining of BattleStar Galactica and details what happens when the Tag-Tag Fleet finds a ‘New Caprica’ that is already occupied by humans.  The resulting interactions between the Colonials, their new hosts, and the Cylons are as complex as they are... interesting, often in the Chinese sense.

Note that the first version of ...But Somehow a Most Melancholy listed below, the ‘original’ version, ran into some serious issues.  Hotpoint and Cannonshop began a re-write, and groundwork elements of that version are incorporated into the main narrative of Hunted Tribes, but the rewrite remains unfinished and the ‘first version’ should not be considered part of Hunted Tribes ‘canon’.

3045 — Hunted Tribes   by Hotpoint alone
3046 — ...But Somehow a Most Melancholy (original)  co-written by Hotpoint and Cannonshop
3046 — ...But Somehow a Most Melancholy (re-write)   co-written by Hotpoint and Cannonshop

Self Configuring Modular Robot[]

Self Configuring Modular Robot (Cover)
Multi-book story, where in this one tells the tale of a technology of old being rediscovered and plaguing mankind with extinction. Self-Replicating Machines growing, learning, and consuming everything around them. Elizabeth Ngo is chosen among others by ruling scions Federated Suns & Lyran Commonwealth to aid and befriend their genius son, Arthur Steiner-Davion to research and discover a means to stop to these machines, while the Inner Sphere deals with other canon events accruing from 3030+ and beyond.

The Glow of a Worm inside a Child's Eye[]

The Glow of a Worm inside a Child's Eye (Cover Art)
Story set in an original universe where the Casper Drone WarShip becomes sentient and is rescued by Elizabeth Ngo's Grandfather. With it's existence, causes ripple effect on the course canon history beyond Ngo's family influences. However, the WarShip rescues the Elizabeth from her tragic life she would lived in her core story and tutorials her for the times ahead.

The Broken Commonwealth[]

The Broken Commonwealth (Cover Art)
Earlier rendition of the Administrator Series set in one book. The Broken Commonwealth features Sharon Ngo as the title character, Set in 3145 where the Lyran Commonwealth is a broken nation since the fall of the HPG Network, secret endeavors of Republic of the Sphere attempting to sabotaging Inner Sphere to their advantage. However, Sharon Ngo tries prepare her people for the hard times to come despite the challenges. Sharon Ngo herself is more personal in this version with less demons faced by her later versions of herself.

Side Stories Written by Other Authors[]

These are stories which have been created outside the continuum of the AUs made for the Ngoverses or their "What If". Some are written by other writers / friends of the author who gain permission to write in Cannonshop's AU.

The Adventures of Beer Keg of Science![]

The Adventures of Beer Keg of Science! (Cover)


JA Baker combines Cannonshop's early Ngoverse and creates a fusion of his own version of the original story with his own mercenary team known as the Dead Man's Hand. Led by the charismatic Joker, her team conducts it own style of missions and later befriends the Duchess of Kowloon after doing jobs for her. Creating it's own universe within Ngoverse with its own unique direction for the lead characters of the Ngoverse.
Jokerverse AU Cover Art

BattleTech: Shattered Dawn AU[]

BattleTech: Shattered Dawn is an AU crafted by Takiro and a whole bunch of other contributors, starting from the premise that a Cameron did survive the Amaris Coup.  The SLDF’s 90th Heavy Assault Regiment, the “Black Tigers”, were created by blacktigeractual for a series of fan-novels set in BTSD which is highly recommend in their own right.  They can be read on-line on BattleTech: Shattered Dawn is an AU crafted by Takiro and a whole bunch of other contributors, starting from the premise that a Cameron did survive the Amaris Coup. The SLDF’s 90th Heavy Assault Regiment, the “Black Tigers”, were created by blacktigeractual for a series of fan-novels set in BTSD which is highly recommend in their own right. They can be read on-line on BattleTech: Shattered Dawn is an AU crafted by Takiro and a whole bunch of other contributors, starting from the premise that a Cameron did survive the Amaris Coup. The SLDF’s 90th Heavy Assault Regiment, the “Black Tigers”, were created by blacktigeractual for a series of fan-novels set in BTSD which is highly recommend in their own right. They can be read on-line on  Technically-speaking, When the Man Comes Around can fit into either the ‘main’ Ngo timeline or the BTSD continuity, but Smell of the Ashes has elements that make it more of a ‘Kowloon/Ngo in the BTSD ’verse’ story.

2776 — When the Man Comes Around  co-written by blacktigeractual  (re-post: complete)

2779 — The Smell of the Ashes  co-written by blacktigeractual  (re-post: complete)

BTSD crossover AU

Think the Ngos and ’Loonies were bad enough on their own?  Add a time-displaced SLDF unit to the mix — worse yet, the 90th Heavy Assault Regiment, the “Black Tigers” of ‘BattleTech: Shattered Dawn’ fame — and watch the fireworks get so much nastier!  Sadly, this one remains a stand-alone story at this juncture, but I doubt anyone would complain if it expanded into a complete Ngo-’verse/timeline in its own right. (For the record, the Black Tigers misjumped out of their timeline into the ‘canon’/Ngo timeline; the Terran Republic and BTSD are not part of the timeline they arrive in.)

3051 — Ghosts of the Dead   fan-novel co-written by blacktigeractual, Cannonshop, and MechRat  (re-post: complete)

Alternate Timelines: FGC’62 AU[]

Index of FGC’62 Timeline  (Index and all related fics posted by Cannonshop himself)

As the title says, this index, and the fics it links to here, are related to the Fan Grand Councils 3062 game which started here several years ago, then migrated to the forums.  As such, a lot of the background is incredibly divergent from canon (that game got wild! ); you’d need to do a lot of catch-up on those forums to get all of the context, and at the moment those forums are closed to non-members following a spam infestation.    That said, the fics the FGC set-up let Cannonshop write were classic Ngo/’Loonie stuff, so they’d be worth your time if you can ever get access.

3066 — Traveling with Cousin Giao
3067 — A Sickness
3067 — Redneck
3067 — Dinner with Elizabeth
3068 — Chickens Come Home to Roost
3069 — A Singular Event
3069 — Slouching to Independence

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Combat Units[]

These are military formation which have been given profiles by Cannonshop, with stats, troop strengths, and equipment for whatever story they were set in.

  • Inarcs Jaegers - Set in the Cannonshop's Administrator AU variant of the Ngo Universe based on the troubled world of Inarcs.
  • 1st Strike Wing, Kowloon Coast Guard - Aerospace formation of fighters, cutters, and personnel which was fighting arm of the Kowloon's intrepid space-based Coast Guard.

Mercenary Company Profile[]

Joke & Deadman Hand Unit Colors

Deadman's Hand unit Logo


  • Kowloon - Home world of the story's characters and focus of the multiple series of the AUs.


  • Information regarding previous versions of the Ngo stories were originally posted on the Bg.Battletech Forums by Trace Colburn. Some references where pending is mention is likely has not ever been updated.
  • Not all stories have been listed. They are still being sourced and posted as editors encounter them (Primarily Outsider7724, others are open to do so).

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