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Nathan Roshak

Biographical information
Date of birth

November 11th, 3028


Ironhold, Kerensky Cluster

Physical description


Personal information

Clan Bloodnamed Officer
Business Woman


Summoner OmniMech

Chronological and political information

Galaxy Commander


House Ngo
Clan Jade Falcon

Nathan Roshak, Trueborn MechWarrior, Clan Jade Falcon officer, and later Lyran nobleman. He most noted being Clan Invasion Era (3050s) soldier, who later became spouse of Lyran Duchess, Elizabeth Ngo.

He is one of the primary character of the Ngo Megaverse Universe whom was created by Fan Author, Cannonshop.

Physical Description[]


Early History[]

Ironhold Sibko Batch 3028/11/22 (Roshak/Pershaw bloodlines), attend Clan Jade Falcon classes as part of Sibko 41, Class 3/47. On his graduation as a warrior, he would tested out out of his sibko as a Star Commander, (5 opponents defeated) January 11th, 3048. Politically he would side choose Crusader movement as the basis of his Philosophical / political position.

Clan Invasion[]

Assigned to Falcon's Delta Galaxy's 2nd Falcon Jaegers Cluster, once he had graduated.

During the Clan Invasion, Star Commander Nathan Roshak's career up to Blackjack was typical of a Jade Falcon of exceptional ability, but only middling ambition. While his early career was as a ristar, and his later career showed that promise again, his 'middle career' was unremarkable, making promotions within his 'zone'.  His most striking trait among his peers being his passionate arguments in favor of the Great Crusade.  Roshak was a true believer in the restoration of the Star League, and the righteousness of Clan Jade Falcon as the instrument of that restoration.

He did not, however, have a career free of controversy, as his arguments in favor of the Crusade were and are not couched in the benefit to the Clan, nor in hatred of the spheroids, but instead in terms of compassion and an outspoken declaration of duty-that the SLDF needed to return to restore order and save the Inner Sphere's peoples from their insane and brutal leaders.

This got him the unfortunate nickname of 'Bleeding heart Roshak' from many of his rivals.  Notably, this mocking nickname did not detract from a combat record that was enviable among his peers, or a long string of victories in Trials caused by his humiliation of said rivals in debates and arguments, as well as trials of position and possession.

In 3050, he took over the conversion and training of 'the last holdout'-the last Blackjack Cadet captured days after the others had surrendered or been neutralized.

Roshak's firm, quiet commitment and strong reasoning worked to wear down Henry Ngo's resistance to indoctrination, resulting in turning the angry young man to the Way of the Clans, flipping a Kowloonese to the Crusader cause.

In the process, Nathan learned about Henry's home and family, and especially about his sister, Elizabeth, and her chronic, lethal illness.

This knowledge seemed to harden Roshak's resolve to 'bring civilization back to the Inner Sphere'.

In 3052, Roshak won the right to participate in the Tukayyid trials, along with his now-protege, Henry Jade Falcon.  both survived the battles of the trial, and acquitted themselves well. Trial would result in Nathan's promotion from a Star Captain to Star Colonel, while Henry Jade Falcon would earn a promotion to Star Captain.


Roshak would participate in the Refusal War, acquitting himself again and again in battles along the length and breadth of that conflict. In the course of the war he would take many Wolf Clan personnel bondsman.  When Vladimir claimed Khanship of a reconstituted Clan Wolf, several former Wolves refused to return, having found a Crusader leader whom could convince these closet wardens of not only the value of the Crusade, but the rightness of Jade Falcon as the leader of it.

Nathan Roshak was not included in the action on Lyran world of Coventry. Instead being assigned to duties in the occupation zone, but he did participate in the ejection of the Steel Vipers in the Hegira war.

Kowloon Invasion[]

In the early 3060s, Roshak, now getting a bit 'long in the tooth' by Clan standards, retained command of a Galaxy formation, and got permission to conduct operations to secure Kowloon for the Clan.  By this point, he was fascinated by Henry's 'mean little sister' whom had made a number of waves in the media for her hard stance and shocking successes both economically, and militarily on the periphery border.

While the operation to take all of the Kowloon system failed utterly, with the loss of a Jade Falcon warship, Roshak was able to secure a victory in the midst of the failure, securing a foothold on Kowloon itself in the form of the Hue County province, including the city of Hue.  He also met Elizabeth Ngo in person.

An unlikely romance, and an even more unlikely pairing.

Elizabeth Ngo proved to be the toughest intellectual opponent Nathan had faced, and in the process, through some strange miracle, there was mutual attraction strong enough that he made her bend, and she bent him, until the two were wed.

This had some social consequences for Roshak among the Clan, as marriage, while not expressly forbidden, is generally done within the Clan if it is done at all-and she didn't surrender first.  The achievement of a Spheroid title and landhold, however, created an opportunity that Marthe Pryde recognized and chose to allow.  Roshak was assigned the governorship of the Hue enclave, creating a second world where joint administration would be the norm (the first being Blair Atholl).

Through a series of trials and efforts, Roshak was able to obtain the use of the Clan's disgraced scientist-general Etienne to find a workable cure for Elizabeth's condition-this was achieved in late 3066.  Shortly thereafter, he got her pregnant with fraternal twins.