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Custom Design
Designer DragonoftheRust
Production information
Manufacturer Final Word Mercenary Corps
Model MYR-XB
Class light 'Mech
Cost ???
Technical specifications
Mass 35 tons
Chassis Endo Steel
Armor Ferro-Fibrous
Engine XL fusion engine
Speed ???
Jump Jets Pitban 9000
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) ???


NOT FINISHED WITH PAGE YET. Built in 3072, by the Final Word Mercenary Corps, the Myrmidon was designed specifically for the leader of the Final Word, Jackson R. Dawes. Created as a command 'Mech, the Myrmidon is fast and maneuverable, and it excels at eliminating enemy scouts. As a result of Dawes eclectic leadership style (he has been known to both lead charges and command from the rear), the Myrmidon is capable of fulfilling a variety of roles when necessary. It is equipped with jump jets to increase its mobility and allow for combat drops, as well as to allow it to rapidly seize the higher ground. The addition of triple strength myomer gives it an ace-in-the-hole, greatly increasing the power of its physical attacks and increasing its speed when the bullets are flying the thickest and the 'Mech is running the hottest. Enemies are often surprised at the effects of the TSM, a result of the Myrmidon looking distinctly Clan-like. While the small cockpit is unpleasant, it is a necessity if the 'Mech is to carry as much equipment as is does. It is fairly well armored, with fifteen five and a half tons of clan ferro-fibrous armor. It has a dozen double heat sinks to disperse its heat load, which means that it requires tight heat control if it is to avoid overheating during intense combat. While the position of two heat sinks in the legs eases this burden in wet terrain, this is not something to be relied upon too heavily. The Light Active Probe allows it to serve in a scouting capacity, as well as making it incredibly difficult to surprise.

It is painted solid matte black with silver accents.


The Myrmidon is a well rounded 'Mech, armed with a variety of weapons that will cover almost any situation. The flamer is used as often as a tool as a weapon, used to clear forest, set fires to end pursuits, and used to create smokescreens. It also does a great deal to deter infantry attacks. The ER Small Laser serves as an effective weapon against soft targets such as infantry without the ammunition dependance of a Machine Gun. Carrying multiple tons of LRM ammunition means it can carry multiple types of ammunition; Dawes favorites are Swarm and Thunder, rounds that allow one to shape the battle directly, whether by restricting an opponents routes of attack, or by breaking up enemy formations.


One of a kind, although it has had several different load outs over the years.