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My Vanity
Author Daemion
Series Name
Alternate Universe Name My Vanity AU
Year Written 2020
Story Era Jihad Era


My Vanity is a story of man dealing with the after affects of a misjump in hyperspace, meeting with a being whom has been stuck in-between dimensions. The story is told in what effects it had on him once he returned to the Inner Sphere.

Words from the Author[]

This was a long time in coming. Some of you have seen bits and pieces of the adventures of one of my brainchildren. This is where I had originally decided to give him his start when it came to becoming a MechWarrior in a BattleTech universe.

I grew up on GI Joe and Transformer toys among many, many others.

I also grew up on Doctor Who and the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, among many, many others.

Then came the mail-in customizable Steel Brigade GI Joe figure. I named mine Jamin, since it's part of my name.

With my breadth of toys, though not very deep collection, combined with the idea of one of them representing me, and my fond wishes to explore strange new worlds by jumping through a portal, Sliders-style, or some other odd means, he took on the role of 'interdimensional' traveler. There were some other things that morphed his means of transportation, and his make-up.

Finally, enter BattleTech. The ultimate combination of Transformers and GI Joe, I immediately was drawn into the game, itself from the battered 2nd ed box set I picked up out of a garage sale. Then I got immersed in the world. One of many, many others I fancy playing around in.

Eventually, my wandering avatar would end up here. And, then in many other permutations.

I'm a strong believer in events happening for a reason. While Jamin, himself, is around 26 or 27 years old from initial concept, (I being born near the end of 1980), and his adventure in an initial BattleTech universe is as old, certain things had to happen for that particular story could get to where I have it now. With what I have, I'm satisfied with where the arcs are going. Spawned by years of games, My friends threw missions at the merc unit he was in. Some of them got creative. When I finally had a story path in mind, many of them were willing OpFor players, to see what I had going next.

His is a long and storied career, and not just in this BTu. And, with his unique nature, the adventures don't have to end. And, if you read on, I'll show you how a man with no credible past can become a MechWarrior when everyone else requires a familial background or loads of money, and years of academy training. I plan on working on this weekly until I have it all up or I'm taken from this world.



My Vanity
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