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Type Computer Game
Tabletop Simulator
Primary writing Ben Mazur (original programmer)
Co-Op volunteer Programmers
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Content Java-Based Turn-based strategy combat Personal Computer game


MegaMek is a Free turn-base BattleTech simulator for the PC. Java-based software, this is a game where players may use clients to simulate playing the Tabletop game. A two Dimensional (2D Top Down) game, where person can use any conceivable unit made for Tabletop game and make their own.

Originally conceived in 2000, the game has been evolved over decades as keeping up changes in core tabletop game of BattleTech. Being able to play with BattleMechs (Named Meks in game), Combat Vehicles, Aerospace from Fighters to WarShips, to Battle Armor and more.

The game is designed to be either used over the internet or local game play. Conceivable as many upwards of 10 or more people can play if one game is hosted on someone's computer.

It's continues to be develop over the years by volunteers who offer their time and talents to which has made the game into one of the most successful computer version/simulation of the Table Top game. Additionally, it easier for new players and existing players to handle playing the game's numerous rules which are not always well known.

This article is meant to only reference to this game and it's basic features.

How it Works[]

Game opens you get choices of game play to choose from. From Campaign Against the Bot, one off duel with another human player(s), or have game play against itself (Bot vs Bot).

The game then opens to the "Lobby" where you can choose your units (what type fighting vehicle you wish to use). Adjust choose what kind pilots you wish to inhabits of these units, while choosing map and where you wish to come from. The lobby screen allows for game players to choose what limits they wish to place on their game play, from maps, select intelligence of the NPC bots you could fight or fellow player's pilot skills, special rules, what technology levels to use and so forth. Before remember before launching the game, you can activate additionally choose what additional rules/features which can be added.

MegaMek - Overhead view of game play

Snapshot of game screen during combat.

Once all they will click the right "Ready" button to begin.

Once launched, the will load map, where you play game not unlike play per turn (RTS) style table top game.

Game Modes and other features[]

  • MegaMek- This is primary game. Primary a tactical combat. Where you choose which forces you may fight, where to fight, and choose if you wish to fight a bot or a person.

Aside from actual Tactical Game itself, MegaMek has associate add-ons a player may use.

  • MegaMekLab - This is a unit builder program which can make files that can be used by the MegaMek game. Most units designed for BattleTech can be made by MegaLab. As additional feature, this builder program can in fact make Record Sheets for the actual game. As of this writing, many of record sheets since 2018-19 for the official game was created using MegaMek. This was because current IP owners were not able secure electronic rights make licensed program to make record sheets.
  • MekHQ - This is campaign management program. Based on BattleTech's Mercenary Sourcebooks. Players can create mercenary company which they can run campaigns to play against bots and other players. Being able play large strategic game, taking contracts or missions playing them out. This is essentially management program for everything conceivable needed for mercenary command or any house (regular military) commands. Tracking lives of the staff command in amazing details (birth/career/family/death) etc. MeKHQ plugs into MegaMek itself, allowing for game play to be recorded into HQ.


MegaMek uses *.blk files, these store the data for any particular unit (vehicle/mech/troops/aerospace unit) used to play the game with. These files are tiny and can be slipped into custom folder should unique one of kind unit be made be used by MegaMek.

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