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Weapon Description[]

The Medium Laser is a medium-damage energy weapon used in the BattleTech universe. While not most powerful of the three primary lasers, it is most common of them.

It is used as secondary battery / weapon for most weapons platforms or units used, while acts as main battery on small combat units such as; Combat Vehicles (Tanks), Recon vehicles, Light BattleMechs, and so forth.

It does modest damage to average modern mechs and has a medium fire recycle time

Background Information (In Game Info)[]

These weapons were baseline weapons found as secondary weapons since the game's inception and still used to day. Variations of the Medium Lasers have been created which have supplemented this weapon. Dependent which major faction developed the weapon, effects its performance. Star League, Inner Sphere, & Clan, with later having the most advanced version of the weapon by the same name.

Such various of the Medium Laser include;
ER Medium Laser - Better Range
Medium Pulse Laser - Shorter range, more accurate, Clan version improves damage and range.
Heavy Medium Laser - Clan Tech laser, heavier damage than a ER Medium but less accurate. Shorter range potentially explosive if damaged.
Improved Heavy Medium Laser - Upgraded Heavy version, more accurate, same damage
Medium Re-engineered Laser - Anti-Special Armor weapon, mix Clan Heavy Medium & Pulse Laser, known as Medium ReLaser
(Clan) ER Medium Laser
ER Medium Pulse Laser - A Clan Experimental/Advanced version of the pulse offering improve range, but less accuracy of the over the original Pulse Laser.

Wiki Note[]

  • This is a canon reference article, not a fan created weapon.