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McFinnigan and Sons Unit Patch

Unit Description[]

The McFinnigan and Sons is a Reinforced Company size mercenary command, best known being having family oriented camaraderie.

Wiki Note
The McFinnigan and Sons is the featured unit in the Fan Story, A Warrior's Family written by HFC05 from Bg.BattleTech.COM/forums.

Unit History Highlights[]

Draconis March[]

The McFinnigan and Sons Company was contacted in 2028/2029 as a training unit for nobles on Klathandu IV. The local nobily on planet had not like the idea of their families being "pressed into service" for newly formed FedCom. McFinnigan company began training notabilities military members to better defend Klathandu IV, when trouble arrived.

By August 2029, the Draconis Combine's regiments had invaded the planet, pressing the mercenary command into service beyond it's training contract. However, fight to fend of the Combine the invading 9th Benjamin Regulars had gone badly. The Raman Draconos March Militia (RDMM) was force to go guerilla warfare as when their initial planet drop, their leadership was killed. 1st FedCom Regiment, newly formed arrived soon after however their efforts were flagging as well. The newly minted regiment would suffer for it's lack of skills.

Draconis March Lord, Sandoval would soon inquire of whom McFinnigan worked for and prompted to leave the planet. Having seen flagging FedCom & Militia Marches struggle against the 9th Benjamins, McFinniagan recruited some of the soldiers before getting caught guerilla warfare soon to come.

Unit Insigna[]

Unit Insignia: Celtic knot with three loops around a Harp, a Skull and a Mace
Motto: nó teaghlaigh (gaelic for Family Business)

Basic Composition[]

McFinnigan and Sons Company consists of four lances of BattleMechs, making it reinforced company. His sons, hold leader positions in most of the force's lances, save new recruit from Klathandu IV whom taking command of the Recon Lance.


Unit Commanding Officer: Kelly McFinnigan
Unit Executive Officer: James Fletcher
Lance Leader (Assault Lance): Kelly McFinnigan
Lance Leader (Pursuit/Raid Lance): Patrick McFinnigan
Lance Leader (Fire Support Lance): Fiona McFinnigan
Lance Leader (Recon Lance): Harold Calahad
Medical Doctors: Jackson Morgan (MDMS), Leslie Morgan (MDGP)
Master Pilot: Matthew Mitchellin
Master Mech Tech: Eric Heilezberg
Master Trainer: Yorik Tomax
Quartermaster: Jessica Lan
Legal and MRB Relations: Roweyna McFinnigan

Unit Composition[]

McFinnigan and Sons Mercenary Company
Reinforced Company/Regular/Reliable
CO: Kelly McFinnigan

Unit Summary:

Assault Lance "Anvil"[]

HGN-733 Highlander - Pilot: Kelly McFinnigan
CP-10-Z Cyclops - Pilot: James "Fletch" Fletcher
AWS-8Q Awesome - Pilot: Yorik Tomax
STK-3F Stalker - Pilot: Jin-seon Jessica "Ajumma" Lan
Unit Summary: Lead Formation

Pursuit/Raid Lance "Dullahans"[]

DRG-1G Grand Dragon - Pilot: Patrick "Shillelagh" McFinnigan
WVR-6M Wolverine - Pilot: Gerald "Grizzly" Villon
KTO-18(Modified*) Kintaro - Pilot: Tatyana "Volchitsa" Fletcher
VLK-QA Valkyrie - Pilot: David Lee
Unit Summary: Mixed Weight class of Fast 'Mechs

Fire Support Lance "Hammer"[]

M6-A JagerMech - Pilot: Fiona "Guardian Angel" McFinnigan
CPLT-C4 Catapult - Pilot: Eugene "Crow" Harrison
TBT-5N Trebuchet - Pilot: Rolph Horsteng
DV-6M Dervish - Pilot: Dillon "Big D" Rowel
Unit Summary: Fire Support formation, with mix heavy & medium 'Mechs

Recon Lance[]

GRF-1N Griffin - Pilot: Harold "Haphazard" Calahad VLK-QA(Modified**) Valkyrie - Pilot: Anastasia Vallois FS9-H Firestarter - Pilot: William "Joker" Cameron JR7-D Jenner - Pilot: Marietta Marie Rose "Mags" Camacho

Unit Summary: Medium & Light Machines, recruits from .

Supporting Assets[]

Naval Asset- McFinnigan and Sons Company
DS Tir na nOg, Excaliber Class Combined Arms DropShip (Regular)
DS Phaidin, Leopard Class 'Mech Carrier DropShip (Regular)

Unit Summary: No JumpShips

Company Notes[]

KTO-18 Kintaro (Volchitsa) Modifications

- Removal of LRM5 and Ammunition
- Additional Jump Jets to left and right torsos
- Additional Armor to front left and right torsos
VLK-QA Valkyrie (Vallois) Modifications

Original Sync Tracker Targeting and Tracking system and Lynx-Shur communications system replaced with: Vallois Solutions experimental Agile Adaptive Aperture (AAA) Synthetic Radar Array, Vallois Solutions Targeting and Tracking systems, and Vallois Solutions Comms package. ( Wiki Note: This experiment fluff modification for this unique design quirk essentially gives the MechWarrior a -1 to hit.