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Marauder (MWO Davion Guard - Bad weather)
Custom Design
Designer evilauthor
Production information
Manufacturer General Motors
Model MAD-3Rn
Class Heavy
Technical specifications
Mass 75 tons
Chassis GM Marauder Standard
Armor Valiant Lamellor Standard Armor
Armor Layout
Head: 9
Center (Rear): 35/10
R/L Torso (Rear) 17/8
R/L Arm: 22
R/L Leg: 18
Engine Leenex 60 Fusion Engine
Speed 64.8 km/h
Jump Jets
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) Unspecified[1]


A refit of the popular, the Marauder, the MAD-3R was mainstain of the Star League Regular army. However, technology has marched on the Inner Sphere, leading to old classics being refitted to compete with the time.

This advanced technology variant of the canon design was created by for his fan story Fighting Uphill. His setting would allow higher technologies to be developed during the brutal Succession Wars Era.

Armament and Equipment[]

Still powered by a Vhar 300-Rated Fusion Engine, the MAD-3Rn, has mixture of single and double strength Heat Sinks, with 12 standard, and 4 Double using common adapters found in the 31st Century. It's hull is protected by 11.50 tons of Standard grade Armor, However refitters choose to give an usual layout heavier armor on it's arms than it's legs.

Like the classic MAD-3R, the 3Rn still houses PPC and Medium Laser in each of it's arms, while housing a classic Class 5 Autocannon in it's right torso, while housing ton of ammo in it's left.


  • In Fighting UpHill, famous MechWarrior Natasha Kerensky would purchase the kit to refit her Star League "dumbdowned" version of the MAD-3R to a 3Rn since the Wolf's Dragoons were largely ignorant of the setting's advance technology being employed by the Inner Sphere.