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Custom Design
Designer Project Dark Fox
Production information
Manufacturer Unknown
Model LGH-1R
Class Light
Technical specifications
Mass 30 Tons
Chassis Endo-Steel
Armor Standard
Engine Fusion 180
Speed 64 kph Walking

96 kph Running

Jump Jets None
BV (1.0) 871
BV (2.0)


The Lightrunner is a seemingly basic light 'Mech with its intent being in efficiency. What brainchild had designed this mish-mash of several different 'Mechs had gone unsung, however it is agreed that it is particularly nasty for so few C-Bills.


The LGH-1R is not a very fast 'Mech, however it does keep pace with heavier units. The armor protection is solid, and the designers' choice to install only a standard fusion engine both limits its carrying capacity -- and increases its survivability. Fortunately, for a 'Mech its size, it still holds an overwhelming amount of firepower. Most of it is docked into the sides of the torsos, just under the arms. Four Medium Lasers of normal range decimate anyone that gets too close. For additional firepower -- or, more so that rear attacks would be discouraged -- two Medium Pulse Lasers are on its right arm. All of this laser fire may overheat most other light 'Mechs, but this model was designed with double heat sinks -- and enough to use them all continuously. All of the weapons are tied to a targeting computer, allowing for increased accuracy. There are some weaknesses with the 'Mech, however. One of them is range: while in an urban environment, this is not an issue (in fact more of a blessing for the MechWarrior), however it cannot reach any further than 270 meters with its lasers. Second of all, the 'Mech is not very fast. Many units in its weight class can and will outrun the Lightrunner given the opportunity, and it will not take much to outrange it.


The Lightrunner is seen very rarely, and even then only among the occasional small-time mercenary group. However, the fact that it is in smaller mercenaries more often than anywhere else says that the 'Mech is very affordable, but at the same time the 'Mech might have been produced in some out of the way factory in the Periphery.


While unofficial, there is a model that strips the two pulse lasers on the arm for an Extended Range Large Laser. This change requires the removal of a heat sink and some armor, however, but it does offer it badly needed range.

The artwork is drawn by Project Dark Fox.