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Weapon Description[]

The Large Laser is a Large Energy weapon, used in the BattleTech universe, it was referred to as the "Heavy Laser" before additional laser-based weapons were created by the same name.

While not as powerful as the Particle Projector Cannon or the Clans' improved versions of the weapon, it still common weapon. Its typically found used on most Succession War Era and some Clan Invasion built units as primary weapon or supplemental one. The weapons would be not as common in later era due to newer ones able reach targets beyond it's range capacity as well increase damage. However, it would remain in use as cheap weapon, with modest heat verse newer ones with higher temperatures they generate.

Typically it is found on most weapons platforms or units used, as main battery on Medium combat units or larger. Such units include; Combat Vehicles (Tanks), Recon vehicles, BattleMechs, Aerospace Fighters, and so forth.

It does substantial damage to average modern units and has has 8 heat it generates. Usually bundled with other weapons

There are many variations of Large Laser, such as;
Clan Heavy Large Laser - Extra damage, extra heat, shorter range than the Extended Range models
Large Pulse Laser - Shorter Range than the Standard, better accuracy and improved damage
Large X-Pulse Laser - longer range pulse laser than the original, but would not be deployed until 32nd Century as accessible weapon
ER Large Laser - Long ranger laser than the standard model, but additional heat. Clan version adds additional damage.
Improve Large Laser - Upgrade from the Star League model ER Large Laser and standard model, precursor to Clan Tech version of the laser.
Prototype Large Laser - First of it's kind, prone to malfunctions, and has less range.
Binary Laser Cannon/Blazer Cannon - Succession Wars Era weapon, that takes two standard Large Lasers and merges them in one weapon. Same range, incredible damage, more than a Particle Projector Cannon, but crippling heat until the Double Heat Sinks were reintroduced during the Clan Invasion Era.


  • In video games of BattleTech, this weapon typically emits a green or red color beam of light.

Wiki Note[]

  • This is a canon reference article, not a fan created weapon.