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The Landmark Turret System (abbreviated as the LTS) is a WarShip type weapon system structure intended to mount Capital Weapons in large turret (moves 360 degrees) systems verse firing from a fixed ship's firing arc from typical Capital Weapons Bays.


Utilized solely on the Kowloon Coast Guard's "Heavy Cutters", better known as Landmark-Class Heavy Destroyers, the system is able to take smaller ship and be able focus all primary capital weapon firepower of the entire ship in series of turrets. Not unlike a sea going warships typical of the early 20th Century.

This has enabled the Landmarks to be devastating vessels eight light Naval Gauss Rifles and point it at any direction, doubling firepower that might not found on 500,000 ton vessel of it's size.

The Landmark class basically violates the conventional wisdom of 700 or so years of warship doctrines.  IN the setting, it's seen as a 'curiosity' by the other Naval Powers (The Clans and Comstar/Word of Blake), and what successes they've had, are seen largely as the result of fluke, or even accidental.

Explanation How it Works[]

Landmark Turret System Graphic

Graphic how the LTS system rotates the turrets on a ship's hull.

In game terms, the turret system is a rotating ring. This ring turn up and down the sides of body of a WarShip. Any turret mounted along the ship spine, with a ring, maybe rotated and then turret self turn toward the direction of a desire target is.

The Turrets are physically only 1 meter tall, so no crew is actually in them.

Construction Rules[]

Applied like Bay locations (for simplicity's sake) and only vulnerable from the 'placement facing'.

Turrets are mounted Fore and Aft, so for incoming fire they're vulnerable to the same incoming fire that bays mounted forward or aft are.

Once turret receives a critical hit, there is always at least one 'Turret Jammed' location on the crit chart, this locks the turret in the current facing.

Turrets increase weight of a weapon by 25%. A requirement that all turret weapons be the same make, model and type (do no mixed calibers weapons in turrets, unlike Bay weapons) and the restriction to single heat sinks (Double Heatsinks are too bulky and require too much surface area).

Turreted ships aren't really a 'new' innovation-what they are, is a design concept that was rejected in the Star League era in favor of bay weapons layout.  Their advantages were weighted against their disadvantages and it was decided by the majority of powers that having a couple of docking collars was probably a better investment, since standard doctrine since the Age of War has placed Warships at the beck and call of ground units.

The ability to lay down 'full broadside' on any angle, is hamstrung by the heat dissipation/power distribution requirements, extra mass that isn't armor, weapons, or fuel, and the general expense of building ships that have less theoretical throw-weight (but can concentrate it more efficiently) in eras where warships were a 'thing' but mostly only for prestige, since the real business is done on the ground.

Doctrine Trait: Airless combatant

On a "possible critical hit" an unmodified roll of 12 is required, with critical hits only occurring on 11 and 12, with 11 giving 1 crit and 12 giving 2.

Criticals that hit the Crew are ignored-that is, the roll counts, it just doesn't do anything. to impact the ship's ability to fight.

Effectively, by running zero atmosphere in the hull, kinetic energy transfer is limited to the immediate location, while fires don't have the ability to break out, eliminating a chief cause of secondary damage (two of them, actually).

Kowloon doctrine increases crew costs by 20% for campaign rules, and is not available to Word of Blake, Comstar, Republic of the Sphere, or Clan forces.

Battle Damage mitigation: because secondary damages are limited, repair costs are reduced by 20% at shipyards for vessels operating under Kowloonese doctrine, and repair times are reduced by 40% (assuming yard and resources are available.)


1. Must be all the same weapon type and model, no mixed ordnance in a turret.

2. occupies the same space as a bay location.

3. Single Heat Sinks ONLY.

4. may only mount fore and aft.

5. Jamming is a thing-turret can be 'locked' on a successful critical hit.

6. Add 25% to the weight of the weapons for the turret mechanism.
The benefits:

1. 360 degree engagement arc.