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Landmark Class Destroyer (Space Background)
Landmark Class Heavy Destroyer
Production information
Manufacturer Boojum Shipyard - Kowloon Coast Guard
Lyran Commonwealth
Use Frontline Combatant
Escort Ship
Tech Base Inner Sphere Advanced
Cost 9,778,502,000 C-bills
Introduced 3059 / 3140s
Technical specifications
Mass 500,000 tons
Length ????
Sail Diameter 1,200 Meters
Fuel 1,000 (2,500)
Burn Rate 39.52
Safe Thrust 4
Top Thrust 6
Sail Integrity 4
KF Drive Integrity 12
LF Battery Yes
Armament Ship Weaponry
  • x8 Naval Gauss (Light)
  • x16 White Shark (Capital missile launcher)
  • x48 Large Pulse Lasers
  • x48 Laser Anti-Missile System (AMS)
Armor Ferro-Carbide armor
DropShip Capacity 0
Small Craft/
AeroSpace Fighters
Crew Crew: 31 officers
114 enlisted/non-rated
40 gunners
272 bay personnel
144 BA marines
Grav Decks 2 (65 Meter diag each.)
Escape Pods/Life Boats 0 / 55
Heat Sinks 1,200
Structural Integrity 120
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) 83,159[1]


The Landmark-Class Heavy Destroyer is a WarShip which was constructed in a Shipyard in the Kowloon Star System within the Quarantine Zone built in secret. Intended as the primary muscle of the Kowloon Coast Guard, the ships were originally produced in 3059 by the Boojum Shipyard. Ships would be placed back into production again in secret in the 3140s, with first of 4 Dark Age Era ships, the KCGS Ia Drang, in service by 3142. Due to highly restricted area, due to a pandemic that could potentially kill the entire human race, these ships were built to keep hostile intruders enter the two star system Quarantine zone.

Intended for policing actions, the ships carry large compliment of marines.

Ship Physical Description by Author[]

The ship is half as deep as a Fox-Class Corvette and about ten meters longer. It has a very compact layout to take advantage of the turreted weapons systems by allowing low-observable angles in order to be more difficult to hit while hitting with the majority of their own weapons. Due to their modular construction, Landmarks tend to be simply arranged with a sort of 'double cone' layout to maximize the turret placement, with few protrusions aside from the dorsal/ventral 'box' style missile batteries and the circumference rings for the turret mounts-which resemble an undersized gravity deck from a distance and permit the weapons mounts to clear the hull in any direction. Overall the ship's appearance if seen will have a cylindrical layout with tapered ends to blunt flats fore and aft. The shuttle bays are forward of the A (forwardmost) turret or aft of the X (rearmost turret), numerous airlocks and cargo hatches are laid out, with the primary cargo hatch being in the flat of the nose.

Landmark Class Destroyer (Under Thrust 6 engines)

Landmark Class Destroyer at Full Thrust

Armaments and Capacities[]

Built as tough, but lightly armed combatants, in era which has very few WarShips lurking in the deep dark of space. The Landmarks are not entirely fast, with maximum speed of factor of 5. However, with hulls are protected by 1,300 tons of ferro-carbide armor.

The ships is main capital weapons include Medium-Class Naval Gauss Rifle, with four mounted forward in nose, four mounted in the aft firing arc. Eight Capital Missile Launchers, firing White Shark Missile are mounted in each of the ship's broadsides. The ship's conventional weaponry comes in form of Large Pulse Lasers, six in each of the ship's eight firing arcs with six then experimental Laser Anti-missile system.

The ship's other features include a unique turret control. Ship's naval gauss rifles are placed in series of turrets. unlike the standard warships, which use fixed Weapons Bays, these turret mounted above and below the hull to allow 360 degree turning to unleash ship's full broadside without having to changing it's facing fully. This system is called Landmark Turret System.

Landmark Class Destroyer (Profile Picture)

Profile picture of a Landmark Class Destroyer


  • Bay 1: Cargo (13,500.0 tons) 1 Door
  • Bay 2: Fighter (18) 9 Doors
  • Bay 3: BattleArmor (IS) (36) 1 Door
  • Bay 4: Small Craft (2) 1 Door
  • Bay 5: Cargo (1846.0 tons) 1 Door


  • Landmark Class Heavy Destroyer - Stretch Variant
    Lengthen version of the class, with it's fighter compliment increased to 24 fighters.

Notable Ships of the Class[]

  • KCGS Ia Drang - Lead ship of batch four built in the Dark Age Era, with ship's first commanding officer being Captain Emily Falcone. The ship first deployment was to the Winter System, where a mysterious raids had been conducted against vital civilian targets.[2] The ship most notable action would be in July for 3143, where the ship was deployed as part of a relief force to Tharkad. The Commonwealth's capital world was under seige by both Clan Wolf & Clan Jade Falcon. The ship, lead light fleet of cutter size warships, into system and crippled the Wolf cruiser using usual technologies, and newly created Turrets. After rendering forces in system neutralized, the destroyer would take protective role in system.[3]
  • KCGS Golden Lake - 2nd unit of the class, launched 3143.[4] However, she was given the LCN as part their efforts by Duchess & Fleet Admiral Sharon Ngo to rebuilt their Capital Ship assets. The ship was designated DE2501A, it was was part of Destroyer group 2, in 3159, when the ship was lost with all hands against a Clan Fleet.


  • Wiki editor note: The ships were designed by kindalas, whom had accepted the challenged to bring the ship which fan writer Cannonshop had written to life. Ships designation of what type of WarShip they are is fluid. They first appear in The Administrator story, as Light Frigates, however originally written up as Heavy Destroyers. Author had stated that their designation changes depends on the faction whom sees them. In BattleTech, canon Destroyers are second smallest Warship types used, however Cutters are smaller. Frigates are larger, intended to be squadron leaders, while destroyers are lighter armed. A player who wishes to use the ship as more traditional BattleTech vessel, may ignore the turret rules which are found on the wiki.

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