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Lest we drown in the darkness (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 8

Lest we drown in the darkness...

by Cannonshop

November, 2769 - HPG - Real-Time Command channel, SLDF

"Kowloon's ready to fully support the war, Sir."  General DeChevalier reported.

"You brought that up as something separate.  I assumed you'd have it pacified."  General Aleksandr Kerensky looked tired.  "The governors didn't give you any trouble?"

"The governor was hanging from the Highway One bridge span when I landed." DeChevalier stated, "The Republican forces on-planet were isolated to defending a single neighborhood in City of Hue-badly.  The three divisions we expected? not there anymore.  KOWLOON has announced entry into the war against the Usurper. they want to see House Amaris destroyed, Sir.  I agreed to take on a volunteer formation to keep some kind of lid on it."

"Jesus Christ! Man, why??" Kerensky responded

"Check the subchannel."  Aaron said, "They used non-standard orbital bombardment as a form of close support.  It was either get a handle on them, or have to deal with war crimes and savagery."

Kerensky is silent for few moments as he views the report..
"Good god..."

"They dropped rocks, General."  Aaron added unnecessarily.  "Next to cities to annihilate garrisons. Then spent the last half year running the survivors down and killing them.  I think we need this kind of commitment, if not this kind of savagery. If we're going to break Stefan Amaris's defenses and liberate Terra."

"They're your responsibility, Aaron." Kerensky said grim-faced, "Keep them on a leash and pointed at the enemy, and if they get out of line-"

"I know, sir." Aaron grimly replied

"We can't afford to decline into ratcheting atrocities, Aaron, not if we are to save the Star League."

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