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Lest we drown in the darkness (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 16

Lest we drown in the darkness...

by Cannonshop

Late 2769 - Office of Commanding General, General Kerensky
McKenna-Class Battleship, SLS McKenna's Pride

Planning for Operation Chieftain goes on...

"It's an Anaconda plan.  We could go straight for Terra first, but that leaves Amaris forces able to hit our flanks."  General Aleksandr Kerensky noted. 

"There's going to be a problem if we keep the one-seven-one tied with the Eighty-Third on the Lyran front, Sir."  Aaron DeChevalier was Kerensky's right-hand man.  "They're not going to play well with Ralliers from the other Rim Worlds Republic worlds."

"How 'not well' are we discussing?"  Abe Truscott asked from his chair.  "I mean, for the other general officers on the link."

"Highly probable fratricide."  Kerensky pronounced, getting looks from his subordinates-except for DeChevalier.  "It's worse than putting Taurians with Davions, right Aaron?"

"Just so." DeChevalier nodded, "The question is, who gets stuck with them if you're taking them off the Lyran front?"

"I have a unit in mind." Kerensky stated, "The Tigers can sit on the 'Loonies and make them useful."

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