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Custom Design
Designer ???
Production information
Manufacturer ???
Class Light
Cost 6,870,667
Technical specifications
Mass 35 tons
Chassis Endosteel
Armor Ferrofibrous
Engine 280 XL
Speed 8/12/7
Jump Jets Standard

1 LBX-2 with two tons of Cluster Ammo protected by CASE 2.

BV (1.0) 522
BV (2.0) ???


The Kure-n represents a whole new philosophy towards light 'Mechs by seeing them as a symbol of grace over low-expenditure or attrition. Since a 'Mech is an expensive venture anyways (even cheap ones costing over 3 million c-bills. ) the reasoning was to make it low material, and relatively cheap (in that XL engines decrease cost at lower weights significantly i.e. an Assault XL will cost twice as much, whereas a light 'Mech will cost 1/5th to 1/4th as much more. )

The basic objective is to Sap the enemy's strength and patience. Jumping around at top speed it is almost impossible to hit, and it stays out of weapons range. The LBX-2 gives a tremendous range advantage over almost every weapon, has plenty of ammo, low heat, and high accuracy (-1 for cluster munitions) meaning it even has limited AA.

The 'Mech can thus serve to hit and run, flank, vulture (i.e. slowly kill a prone 'Mech from out of range), scout, Anti-Infantry, Anti-Air and simply harass/annoy. It will not do much damage at first, but with over 90 shots of ammo it will be an ever present threat.

The C3 system likewise helps deter smaller enemies if backed up by Arrow 4s or larger 'Mechs.

In addition, the Kure-n has the benefit of being the perfect training 'Mech for new MechWarriors since they will largely stay out of direct battle (and hence the skill of more experienced MechWarriors), teach patience, allow the MechWarrior to scout for holes in the enemy and survive the battle, learning from the experience.

One curious aspect of the design is that while it has 5.5 tons of ferrofibrous armor, only two points are allocated to the arms, and 0 to the back areas. Instead the Legs, Center Torso front, and L/R Torsos fronts have been maxed out with armor. As the only critical components are a lower arm actuator, hand and then the rest FF or ES the loss of the arms is irrelevant, and the backside is unprotected since the Mech is so fast and constantly running away it normally shouldn't get flanked.


1 LBX-2 with 2 tons of Cluster ammunition in the LT. CASE 2 protected. 1 C3 Slave unit in the head.