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Kuma (Bear)
Custom Design
Designer ???
Production information
Manufacturer ???
Model ???
Class Assault
Cost 10,061,688
Technical specifications
Mass 85 tons
Chassis Endosteel
Armor 14.5 standard
Engine 255 Standard
Speed 3/5/3
Jump Jets Standard
  • 1 Gauss Rifle (4 tons ammo)
  • 1 ER PPC with capacitor
  • 1 LBX-5 (2 tons cluster ammo)
  • 1 ER Small Laser
  • 1 c3 slave
  • 1 Guardian ECM Suit
BV (1.0) 2123
BV (2.0) ???

A relatively inexpensive long-range, firepower Mech. The Kuma is between the Shikoku Assault Brawler and Kistune Heavy Hunter as a Mech that can offer massive fire-support.


A monster of a Mech, the Kuma delivers up to 2 15 damage point shots of concentrated fire at enemy Mechs from at 22 hexes, added with a more accurate LBX-5 shot (for 35 damage, concentrated) at 21 hexes and even has some limited AA capability. It is also heavily armored, and has plenty of ammo (4 tons of Gauss Rifle, 2 tons of LBX-5 Cluster). An ER Small laser deters infantry. And like all Combo Mechs, it has a C3 slave.

Last a Guardian ECM suit helps keep it safe.


1 Gauss Rifle (4 tons ammo)

1 ER PPC w/Capacitor

1 LBX-5 AC (2 tons of ammo)

1 ER Smaller Laser

1 Guardian ECM Suit

1 C3 Slave