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Kitsune (Fox)
Custom Design
Designer ???
Production information
Manufacturer ???
Model ???
Class Heavy
Cost 14,930,574
Technical specifications
Mass 65 tons
Chassis Endosteel
Armor 12 tons ferrofibrous
Engine 325 xl
Speed 5/8/5
Jump Jets Improved
  • 2 Large Pulse Lasers
  • 1 Medium Pulse Laser
  • Beagle Active Probe
  • C3 Slave
  • Targeting Computer
BV (1.0) 1385
BV (2.0) ???

A fast Pulse Laser Boat. The Kitsune is made to hunt down and kill smaller Mechs, paving way for the Shikoku.


Named after Foxes, which the Japanese believed to be divine (probably due to their hunting vermin in fields), this is a Heavy Mech meant to hunt down fast harassers.

It sports 2 large pulse lasers, which can do serious damage to smaller Mechs even at long range, coupled with a Medium Pulse Laser linked to a Targeting Computer for the Pulse Laser Boat -3 effect. This allows them to hit swifter targets. The 5 Jump Jets allow it to avoid direct combat with heavier Mechs. A beagle active probe allows it to avoid ambushes, and the c3 slave makes it even more deadly.

It also sticks the Kurita aesthetic of preferring Heavy Mechs over medium.


2 Large Pulse Lasers 1 Medium Pulse Laser 1 Targeting Computer