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Javelin (In front of waterfalls - Alex Iglesias MWO version)
Javelin Light OmniMech
Custom Design
Designer Outsider7724
Production information
Manufacturer Achernar BattleMechs (New Avalon)
Robinson Standard BattleWorks(Robinson)
Model JVN-O
Class Light OmniMech
Technical specifications
Mass 35 tons
Chassis OmniMech-Endo Steel
StarGuard II Standard Armor
Armor Layout
Head: 9
Center (Rear): 16/5
R/L Torso (Rear) 13/6
R/L Arm: 11
R/L Leg: 14
XL 210 Fusion Engine
10 Double Heat Sinks
Speed 97.4 km/h
Jump Jets

Prime Configuration

BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) 1,034 (Prime Config)


The Javelin is a fast Light OmniMech built 3062 as part of First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion's initiative to modernize Armed Forces of the Federated Suns. Better Known as Javelin-O, this OmniMech is intended as a middle-end cost Omnimech designed which mimics the original and other flexibility that benefits from design that can be reconfigured for any situation.

  • Wiki Note: The Javelin-O was originally intended to be a canon OmniMech, but was cancelled as reworked as a Standard BattleMech with a fix weapons layout. This version the 'Mech came into being for a fan story. The design was conceived originally by Billy Boy Mark II for his fan story The Federated Suns Reborn in it's unique Alternate Universe. The Javelin-O was stated out by Outsider7724 based on Billy Boy Mark II's design aspirations.


The Javelin-O was second Davion-designed OmniMechs deployed by the AFFS, a turn around under the regime of the Archon-Princess whom military administration of the Federated Commonwealth shunned costs of OmniMechs for cost saving of more traditional standard/fixed designs.

Armament and Equipment[]

Modeled from the classic JVN-10D, the Javelin-O is powered by a GM 210-rated Extra Light Fusion Engine on a Endo-Steel frame. This arrangement retains the standard fixed configuration model's speed. The design is protected by 7 tons of standard armor, giving it good protection for 'Mech of its weight class. Additionally, the design is able to carry 13.5 tons of OmniPods of weapons & equipment.

Primary Configuration
Intended as Close range combatant, the Prime features pair of 6-Tube Short Range Missile Launchers in the left arm and right torso. Backing up these weapons is pair of Extended-Range Medium Lasers, with one in each arm, retaining the hand actuator. The design carriers ten Double Sinks to round out the 'Mech heat management system, which requires the MechWarrior to bracket fire their weapons should they strike with their full weapons load.

Ammunition: The Prime carries 2 tons of SRM reloads, which are split in 1 ton allotments in the Left & right torsos, both ammo bins are protected CASE OmniPods.

Alternate Configurations[]

  • Alternate Configuration A
    Modeled after the "Fire Javelin", JVN-11D. The A Configuration features three close-range Medium Pulse Lasers in right torso, and pair of Extended-Range Medium Lasers, each fitted 'Mech's arms in place of the hand actuator. Six "OmniPodded" Jump Jets are added to give it added mobility, while a C3 Slave Unit allows it to be spotter for longer range 'Mechs. Three additional Double Heat Sinks are fitted to help cope with the heat. BV (2.0) = 843, Cost: 7,029,225 C-bills
  • Alternate Configuration B
    Similar to the Prime, the B has more accurate weapons in the form of pair of 4-Tubed Short Range Missile Launchers. Pair of ER Medium Lasers placed with one in each of the side torsos along with each of the Streaks. To assist in scout actions, Active Probe is fitted in one the OmniPod in the left torso. Two tons of ammunition is placed in a CASE protected ammo bin in the right torso. BV (2.0) = 967, Cost: 7,469,888 C-bills
  • Alternate Configuration C
    Close-Range anti-infantry configuration, the design features machine gun array in the right torso with three standard machine guns with a Flamer fitted in the head. Also feature is a pair of Extended Range Medium Lasers found in the left torso. One ton of Ammo is found in the center torso. (2.0) = 798 Cost: 6,831,591 C-bills
  • Alternate Configuration D
    Long-Range energy based attack design, the Delta is fitted with then three brand new Light PPCs, with one in the center and one per torso. Backing up the Light PPCs is a pair of standard Medium Lasers mounted in the arms. Unlike other configurations, this one does not feature any Jump Jets (2.0) = 1,030 Cost: 7,193,813 C-bills
  • Alternate Configuration E
    All-Range Design, the Echo is fitted with pair of 7-Tube Multi-Missile Launchers, with one in the each of the side torsos. Pair of standard Medium Lasers mounted in the arms rounds out the configuration. (2.0) = 1,030 Cost: 7,193,813 C-bills

Technical Notes[]

  • Total Cost: 7,429,388 C-bills (Prime)
  • Battle Value: 1,034 (Prime) BV2


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