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Indianapolis-Class Heavy Cruiser
Production information
Manufacturer Star League Protectorate (ATwT)
Use General Purpose
Fighter Support Vessel
Tech Base Inner Sphere Advanced
Cost 15,149,204,000 C-Bills
Introduced 3067
Technical specifications
Mass 830,000
Length 803 Meters
Sail Diameter 1,250 Meters
Fuel 1,250 Tons
Burn Rate 39.52
Safe Thrust 4
Top Thrust 6
Sail Integrity 5
KF Drive Integrity 17
LF Battery Yes
Armament Main Weaponry
  • x26 NPPC (Heavy)
  • x8 AR-10 Capital Missile Launchers
  • x16 LRM 15s + Artemis
  • x32 ER PPCs
  • x16 ER Large Lasers
  • x32 Streak SRM6s
  • x32 Small Lasers
  • x32 Anti-Missile System
Armor Lamellor Ferro-carbide
DropShip Capacity 4
Small Craft/
AeroSpace Fighters
6 / 54
Crew 65 Officers
170 Enlisted/non-rated
75 Gunners
24 Marines Battle Armor
138 Bay Personnel
Grav Decks 3 (2 - 55 meter diameter, 1 - 90 meter diameter)
Escape Pods/Life Boats 40 / 40
Heat Sinks 3,700 (7,400) Double Heat Sinks
Structural Integrity 85
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) 125,609[1]


The Indianapolis-Class Heavy Cruiser is a WarShip produced in the JA Baker's Outer Colonies AU's. The ship is a general purpose large WarShip capable of independent actions as well as working in Task forces.

The ship was originally conceived by JA Baker. The ship has been used in another AUs, including Alternate Timeline with Thanks (AU), in 32nd Century.

Fluff below will list both the original fluff for the Indianapolis for BA Baker's Outer Colonies and ATwT.

Indianapolis Class CA Description - Outer Colonies AU[]

Based on the refitted SLS Ivanhoe, the new Indianapolis class Heavy Cruiser will act as a heavy screening unit that also has the ability to operate independently for extended periods of time on detached duty. The price up above that of the South Dakota class Battleship, but that's the price pf having a multi-roll design.

Capable of being built in the smaller satellite yards rather than the central core of Clarke Station itself, more ships in this class can be built at any one time then would otherwise be possible. This is probably for the best, as orders have been placed for at least ten, with plans to extend the run to twenty four once the new defense budget is passed.

The recent signing of a treaty granting the OCDF basing rights at the Alianza EspaÃLola's shipyard in the Casablanca system would seem to indicate that fleet units will be spending more time away from home, possibly even conducting operations towards the New Americas and other outlying regions, and the Indianapolis class would make the perfect platform for flying-the-flag style missions.

Indianapolis Class CA Description - Alternate Timeline with Thanks[]

Star League Defense Force’s newest WarShip the SLS Indianapolis an eight hundred and thirty thousand ton vessel of a class with the same name. The vessel was officially classed as a Heavy Cruiser but the SLDF planned to use it and its three sister ships the SLS Bon Accord, SLS Endurance, and SLS Nathan Hale as training ships for the SLDF military.

Armament and Equipment[]

The main armament is made up of 26 Super-Rand Heavy Naval Particle Projection Cannons, supplemented by 8 Maelstrom AR-10 Missile Launchers for extra long-range hitting power. Behind this is an improved anti-fighter defence and an expanded fighter bay capable of carrying an entire regiment of Aerospace fighters and six small craft, including assault shuttles for the embarked Marines. Thick armor and a reasonable turn of speed allow the new ship to keep up with its larger brethren, and outrun almost anything it can't out-fight.

A large fuel bunker, extensive cargo bays and four docking collars allow an increased amount of flexibility in operational parameters, something some take as a sign that there will be a change in deployment policy.


  • Bay 1 - Fighters (54) / Small Craft (6) - 6 Doors
  • Bay 2 - Cargo (27,000 Tons) - 2 Doors

Notable Ships[]

Outer Colonies Alternate Universe[]

Notable Vessels & Crews
SLS Indianapolis (Under Construction)
SLS Portland (Under Construction)
SLS Wisconsin (Under Construction)
SLS Missouri (Under Construction)
SLS New Jersey (Under Construction)
SLS California (Under Construction)
SLS Mississippi (Planned)
SLS Pennsylvania (Planned)
SLS Tennessee (Planned)
SLS Colorado (Planned)
SLS Oregon (Planned)
SLS Georgia (Planned)
SLS Illinois (Planned)
SLS Kentucky (Planned)
SLS Minnesota (Planned)
SLS Nevada (Planned)
SLS Louisiana (Planned)
SLS Nebraska (Planned)
SLS Oklahoma (Planned)
SLS Rhode Island (Planned)
SLS Alaska (Planned)
SLS Idaho (Planned)
SLS Michigan (Planned)
SLS New Hampshire (Planned)

Alternate Timeline with Thanks AU[]

SLS Indianapolis - Stationed in Swartklip System (3114)
SLS Bon Accord - Assigned as Trainer Vessel
SLS Endurance - Assigned as Trainer Vessel
SLS Nathan Hale - Assigned as Trainer Vessel


  • Missing Information - The original program used to make the Indianapolis was Heavy Metal Aero. The program while largely obsolete and no longer updated, has issues. Its unclear if the Battle Value is correct.
  • Other AU Uses this Ship - While extremely similar, the Indianapolis-Class has appeared in the Alternate Timeline with Thanks (AU). The stats for the ship were originated by JA Baker, and has since given permission to ATwT's author DragonCat to use in his AU. Both writers of each respected Alternative Universe.
  • Image Note - Image used for this article is a substitute image. There has not been any actual art work made for this ship.


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