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Independence Patrol DropShip (Escort Carrier)
Custom Design
Production information
Manufacturer Niops Association
Use Modular / Aerospace Carrier
Type Military Spheriod
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Experimental) / Primitive
Introduced 2243 / 3145
Technical specifications
Mass 6,000 tons
Structural Integrity
Width meters
Height meters
Drive System Saturn Power Plant
Safe Thrust 2
Maximum Thrust 3
Fuel 200 tons (3,750)
Burn Rate 1.84 per burn day
  • 6 x Binary Laser (Blazer) Cannon
  • 24 x Primitive Small Lasers
Armor Primitive Aerospace Armor
Crew 3 officers
3 enlisted/non-rated
5 gunners
46 bay personnel
Passengers None
Heat Sinks 120 (Single)
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 3,806


The Independence-Class Patrol DropShip is a Primitive DropShip built for the Niops Association Militia. Intended to bolster the defense of the Periphery nation, using what technologies the now technologically lagging Niops Association can get their hands on. (Wiki Note: This ship was replaced in story with revamped one. Old fluff has been left in place.)[1]

The Class was built follow up on their smaller modified Saturn-Class Patrol DropShips as a larger and more potent combatant.


Wanting a more heavy-duty combatant than their revamped Saturn class patrol ships, the Niops Association put forth an RFP for a new combat DropShip. The original goal was a baseline armored vessel with modular mission pallets that could be swapped out, allowing the ship to function as an escort carrier, Pocket WarShip, or marine transport. Intending to simplify their manufacture and logistics, NAM requested the design be based around the same drive system as the smaller Saturn, assuming that the resultant vessel would be either 2000 tons, and capable of 1.5-2.5 Gs of thrust, or 3000 tons, and capable of 1-1.5 Gs of thrust.

That...was not the result.

Instead, the resulting design proposed by the Niopian Belters, in conjunction with the Project Workshops, would mass 6000 tons, requiring use of two Saturn-class drive systems to manage 1 G of cruising thrust, and looking like a Vincent class corvette's "mini-me", but also far more capable than a smaller vessel would be.

The following is stats for Militia's Escort Carrier variant.

Background Information[]

This ship and it's variant were created by Giovanni Blasini for his book of his The Adventures of the Beer Keg of Science! in the fan universe, the Adminstrator (AU). He has since replaced this ship since this version of the Patrol Ship wasn't what story needed.

Weapons and Equipment[]

With no interest in force projection beyond their own system, the Independence class is, as with the smaller Saturn, a primitive DropShip, lacking any form of KF boom. At 6000 tons, it's five times the baseline mass of the Saturn, but bears a number of resemblances, including the primitive small laser mounts, though the primitive AC/5s have been finally replaced by blazer cannons. Cargo is a respectable 222 tons, with 200 tons of fuel allowing for extended deployments. Crew accommodations are significantly better than the Saturn class, much to the relief of their crews.

Weapon Placement[]

  • Nose
    2 - x1 Binary Laser (Blazer) Cannon, x4 Small Lasers
  • Forward Right/Left Sides
    x1 Binary Laser (Blazer) Cannon, x4 Small Lasers
  • Aft (Rear) Right/Left Sides
    x1 Binary Laser (Blazer) Cannon, x4 Small Lasers
  • Aft
    x1 Binary Laser (Blazer) Cannon, x4 Small Lasers


  • Bay 1: Fighter (18) 6 Doors
  • Bay 2: Small Craft (2) 1 Doors
  • Bay 3: Cargo (220 tons) 1 Door


  • Tech Rating/Availability: D/X-X-X-X
  • Escape Pods: 4 / Life Boats: 4
  • Total Cost Per Ship : 239,926,400 C-bills


There are number of Independence Class variants


  • Independence-Class Patrol Ship, Block I
    Based on the Fortress Class DropShip, the Block I is intended as a space superiority vessel, combining roles of the proposed Escort Carrier & Pocket Warship into one design. This design features only single squadron of six Aerospace Fighters, Array of Class 1 SubCapital Laser, Blazer Cannons, and Primitive Small Lasers. BV (2.0) 3,115.
  • Independence-Class Patrol Ship, Block II
    Based on the Fortress Class DropShip, the Block II as a Combined Arms Transport for Six Aerospace Fighters, Six BattleMechs, Four Light Combat Vehicles and single small craft bay. This design features three Class 1 SubCapital Laser, Blazer Cannons, and Laser AMS. BV (2.0) 5,365.

Previous Proposed Variants[]

  • Independence-Class Patrol DropShip (Pocket WarShip)
    This version of the Independence, drops the 1 of it's small craft, reduces it's fuel capacity, removal of its fighter bays to favor SubCapital Lasers 1 in additional to the escort carrier's weaponry. The ship's heatsinks are increase to 298. BV (2.0)=4,353[2]
  • Independence-Class Patrol DropShip (Marine Transport)
    Retains the Escort Carrier's full compliment of weapons, it's fighter capacity is reduced to 6, while increasing smallcraft capacity to 6. This is to make room for 84 marines. BV (2.0)=3,988[3]

Image Note[]

  • Image use is not canon image of the Independence-Class DropShip, this is a generic image. The vehicle is spheroid (rounded) style ship, where the similarities end.


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