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I used to Dream Chapter (cover art)

Chapter 7 - I used to Dream[]

Physics Department University of Nha Tranh
Spider Moon CGNAS
Kowloon System
December 20th, 3085

"What happened here?" Elizabeth Ngo demanded, "Why am I looking at a burned shell of a building?"

The Capital Fire and Rescue service officer remained rigid, "We're pretty sure, by the burn pattern, that it began in the Library, Your Grace."

"The library." she said, "How many books burned?"

The fire investigator looked at the ground.

"That many." she said quietly.

"Yes Ma'am."


"And what, ma'am?"

"Arson in a library." she said, "Doesn't sound suspicious to you?" "My god, Your Grace, it's arson in a library!!" the investigator barely contained his rage.

"That's right." she said, "and if we kept anything in there we couldn't replace, it would be a real disaster." Elizabeth told him.  "How is the integrity of the rest of the building? am I looking at complete replacement or can it be reconstructed from the inside out?"

He looked over his shoulder at the burnt husk.  "The outer wall is reinforced ferrocrete, the beams inside didn't get hot enough to denature the can be restored." "Good." she said. "What will you do?" asks the investigator.

"I'm going to crucify  whoever lit those books on fire-did everyone who was inside get out alright?" ask Elizabeth "A couple smoke-inhalation cases but, nobody died, Milady." "Excellent. I want to see the detailed report on my desk as soon as you're finished. I've got a visit with Campus Security next, and we'll have to revisit some of our security procedures.  You and I can walk the scene looking grave until OCB has finished sweeping through campus security and the on-site recording systems."

"What about the books?" asked the Investigator

"We only keep copies at the University." she said, "The government printing office will have the current catalogue reprinted before the afternoon is done, but someone lit a fire without knowing that, and when I catch them, they'll pray their trip to hell is quick."

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