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I used to Dream Chapter (cover art)

Chapter 20 - I used to Dream[]

Kowloon System
Lyran Commonwealth

[Perspective of Patrick Ngo...]

The gateway is stable-for now. We're running a countdown clock on how long it can STAY stable, exchanging data with the Golden Lake battlegroup. Penny has sends our test package through-an unmanned dropship, loaded with supplies and consumables.

Also, I'm paying attention to the interception of the wreck of the Mila Weintraub.

"Patrick!"  I'm pulled out of the helpless feeling of watching the action from a distance.


"Go!!" Penny urges, "I've got this, go join the rescue!!"

I know I'm going to marry her.....if she'll have me.  I give my girlfriend a kiss. "Wish you luck!" she tells me, "Bring them home!"

I'm running to the docking lock where Cutter Samantha Daimh is getting ready to cast off and join the chase.

She really loves me!!

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