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I used to Dream Chapter (cover art)

Chapter 16 - I used to Dream[]

Colleen System
Deep Periphery
October 3089

The Clan forces still visit here.  Commander Trau Trak Nguyen's crew hardly worries about them noticing, EMCON and tight beam commo is maintained, and they don't look out into the outer system much.

If they did, they'd get a hell of a surprise.

The WarShip KCGS Golden Lake was officially listed as 'destroyed' as part of the Treaty compliance with the RUN and the cutter group supporting them as well.  It makes it easier to hide, if they're not looking for you, after all.

Especially if they're not looking along a parallel route out to Clanner country.

Which is good, because the Golden Lake isn't the only piece of 'lost' property involved here.  They'd hauled out enough recycled germanium matrix to build replacements for four destroyers and two cruisers packed into dropships brought by the Tenders for the cutters.

A one jump-core forge/foundry assembly that used to orbit Boojum in the rings.

If the Star Adders show up, they'll find a tougher fight than one cutter by their lonesome, and this time, with firepower hypercubed.

That shouldn't be a problem.

The ring itself is only a couple of kilometers across, and the gross construction's done.  The main focus now, is assembly and testing of the subassemblies that make it something other than the biggest ornamental kinetic structure in history.

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