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Chapter 57 - Important People[]

Tharkad Anchorage Station
Tharkad Star System
Lyran Commonwealth

"Penny, you want to take a look at this?" Patrick Ngo asked.  He was looking over the shoulder at the engineering refitters work on the core of the Battleship, LCS Hermann Steiner.

Penelope Falcone-Ngo, his wife, had come down from Snark by way of the express route, arriving in less than two weeks.

"What do you have?" Penny asked.

"Check this out: the flaws in this core, they're familiar." he said.

She floated down to where he was anchored.

"Huh. Now that's funny." she said.  "See the micro-stranding here?  It looks like the scuttle charge they used didn't do the job completely, almost... it's almost like a secondary forging step."

"Yeah, isn't that interesting?" he asked.  "It might be worth it to extract this core intact and set it aside instead of reprocessing."

"Agreed.  Do we have the raw alloys for a new core though?"

Patrick brought up the inventory listings.  "Yeah, it'll put the Evangeline Steiner's refit off by a couple months but, we've got the raws on hand."

"Call your mom and get permission.  I do not need to spend next visit being berated for letting you go off on one of your clever engineering tangents with public property!" Penelope told him.  "If you can retain this core intact, I can think of at least eleven different series of tests I want to run on it. At least two reprocessing and reforging exercises once those are done."

"I'll talk to Mom and to Admiral Kingfisher." he said.

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