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Chapter 55 - Important People[]

Tharkad Anchorage Space Station
Tharkad System
Lyran Commonwealth
26th January, 3098

"'s got a 'phone home' in the array."  CWO Carrie Swift-173 was pretty proud her team found it.  "They actually built it into the imaging hardware. It's set up to tap into the ship's sensor logs and provide a picture to a receiver tuned into the same bands. Basically letting whoever's on the other end know exactly your position and where you've been for the last 90 days anywhere you've used the array."

Rear Admiral Johannes Krieger whistled low, "Wow.  That's... chilling."

"Yeah, ain' et tho?" the Rockjack senior RTO shrugged.  "We're batting around a few ideas, including turnin' th' rig into a trojan machine."

"Trojan machine?"

"Sends out computer viruses instead.  Anything tuned to hack the images would get loaded with a nasty little packet of machine-language instructions." she said.  "It won't be enough to blow their reactor core or anything, but you can maybe do something with their targeting and sensor systems. Which tells them not to see you. For example, or that you're not where you appear to be or..."

"They can work around it." he said.

"Ayeh, sir.  Anyone who knows what the spy rig's for is going to know how to get around any shit we have it pulling."

"Can you remove it?"

"That's one option, yes." she said agreeably.  "But think of the games you can play!!"

"I think I'd rather have reliable sensors that don't tell the enemy all my flight logs for the last ninety days more," he told her.

"Ayeh sir...we'll have it removed and the other functions it's SUPPOSED to be doing in place...  Admiral, sir. With all due respect, you're not letting me have any fun."

"I am an old stick-in-the-mud, yes." he told her.  "Get my sensor arrays working, Chief."

"Ayeh, Sir."

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