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Chapter 54 - Important People[]

KCGS Nancy Ilmarien Hull 030708
Sampan III-Class Cutter
Uninhabited System
Lyran Commonwealth
January, 3098

Sampan III Class Cutter - Full Thrust (Ngoverse)

KCGS Nancy Ilmarien underway in uninhabited Star System.

[Somewhere between Tharkad and New Capetown, uninhabited system...]

"Alright, do it again." Amanda held a timer as her friend proceeded to dismantle a warhead's firing mechanism.

By touch, through gloves.

Irena was getting better at disarming explosives and identifying common detonator types and circuits.

At ninety seconds, Irena held up the primary detonator assembly.

Amanda stopped the watch.


CWO Vien Trau nodded, "Witnessed.  Lieutenant, your logbook?"

Irena laid the detonator in a form-fitting case and locked it down, before extracting her 'logbook' from her pocket.

"That's the fifteen common types of naval munitions," Trau told her.  "You're certed for explosive ordnance arming/disarm, and fifty percent of the way to nuclear weapons certification."  He signed off her book.  "Congratulations, Lieutenant, you're halfway there.  At the rate we're traveling to New Capetown, the Skipper might be able to sign you off on this course before you touch down."

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