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Chapter 42 - Important People[]

The Triad
Tharkad System
Lyran Commonwealth
November, 3097


Tharkad's airspace was interrupted as first strike fighters, and then landing craft came in low over the crowded streets.

It looked like an invasion.  Shuttle pilots brought their rides down on avenues that should have been too narrow and released infantry in bipedal powered armor, accompanied by wheeled armored vehicles, at dangerous speed and altitude before heading back up.

The supplemental units shifted the stalemate in the streets.  By 0745 hours local time, pockets of would-be rebels were surrendering.

The question everyone had who watched from frightened positions nearby, was whose forces had just won.

It was 0800 before Tharkad Broadcasting revealed a coup attempt had been halted and that the Archon had died, leaving his son in command.

The declaration of Martial Law was anticlimax.

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