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Chapter 36 - Important People[]

LCS Ia Drang
Landmark-Class Destroyer
Tharkad System
Lyran Commonwealth
November, 3097

[Entering the Tharkad System...]

{"...distress from the LCS Frederick Steiner, they're calling flag inverted."}

"Military coup attempt."  Captain Miguel MacAulliffe noted. "Those aren't LCN warships over there.  General bands hail to all vessels in the Tharkad system, Arto, on my mark."

"Aye sir...setting now."

"Attention all vessels in the Tharkad system, this is Lyran Commonwealth Ship Ia Drang at the head of Destroyer Patrol four, First Squadron, Lyran Commonwealth Navy. All vessels in this system are to stand down in the name of the Archon and the Government of the Lyran Commonwealth, Acknowledge!"

He turned to his RTO, "Send to all vessels in the patrol and all Coast Guard vessels in fifteen light years. Converge on Tharkad."

"Aye sir!" replied the RTO

"They're forming up, sir. One Cameron Battlecruiser, two Lolas Destroyers, and three Foxes Corvettes."

"I'm getting a hail from the aggressors ordering us to stand down in the name of Archon Prince Victor Steiner Davion, sir!"

"Battle stations! Launch fighters and set condition Alpha. Pass it to the rest of the fleet."

"Aye sir."

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