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Chapter 35 - Important People[]

Royal Palace
Tharkad System
Lyran Commonwealth
November, 3097

[The battle in the Palace complex...continued]

The quad-legged Fenrir suit can navigate stairwells... barely.  This one was bunching his unarmored comrades up on a flight of stairs.

The human animal doesn't look up very often.  Rigging cable and structural supports can do a lot to make that an assured mistake.

Irena held still as the enemy troops made their way down the firestairs, since the elevator to the lower level was currently jammed shut from the inside and closed off by HAZMAT containment protocols built into the palace's fire system.

Amanda waited as well, and the second suit passed below them, front feet working the risers downward, guns sweeping toward the center of the stair well.

She looked at her friend, and grinned wide.

Then, she let go with her feet, and swung down into the rear of the powersuit's weapons mount.  "Reitzeit!!" she cried, and tossed two salvaged flashbangs right into the middle of the enemy group.

The suit-trooper started to buck and thrash. As she rode the turret ring of his armor around, bringing her crowbar into position on the 'neck' of the armor, where the clamshell meets to get in and out.

The other end of the hooked prybar, a design going back to before steam power. Caught on the barrels of his guns, the motors driving it inward as she tied it off with leftover rigging cable.

Spring alloy heat-treated and hardened to endure prying apart loads of a tonne or more shipboard, met armor composites and motor mechanisms meant to slew 150 kilos of weapons.

It wasn't even a contest, really.  The claw end dug into the seam and forced the hatch open while the troops lower on the stair tried to find a position to fire from that would actually hit...anything.

"Na, mein Hübscher, dann wollen wir Dich mal ausziehen!" shouted Irena

The suit trooper tried to twist around with his sidearm, and she drove a heavy carving knife through his neck and shoulder blade, bisecting some things needed to carry oxygen to his brain.

She retrieved the crowbar from the wall. Then got behind and with Irena's help, pushed her victim onto his comrades, letting gravity do what gravity does.

"Kegeln?" Irena asked.

"Never tried it. Is it fun?"

"Ja." responded Irena

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