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Chapter 33 - Important People[]

Tharkad Orbital Anchorage
Tharkad System
Lyran Commonwealth
November, 3097

[Overview: Tharkad Anchorage...]

Six ships were burning or venting along the docked along 'battleship ring'. Bodies are tumbling from hull rents, and the station is intact.  It's even begun firing-on fighters coming to investigate the sudden silence.

Then, BB01A's forward weapons open fire.  The ammunition for the launchers and the cannons had been unshipped but, the Frederick Steiner still had powerplants. Those were recently brought back on-line and it has energy weapons.

The first shots go wide but, not the second or third.  shot after shot at point blank range slam into the structure.  Eventually, the pressure envelope ruptures.

On the radio bands, the buzzsaw of jamming is replaced by

"This is Lyran Commonwealth Ship Frederick Steiner to all vessels in the area. Flag inverted! I repeat, Flag Inverted!  This base is under attack by hostiles posing as Lyran Commonwealth Military personnel, request assistance.  I repeat, request assistance!"

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