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Chapter 32 - Important People[]

Tharkad Orbital Anchorage
LCS Frederick Steiner
Tharkad System
Lyran Commonwealth
November, 3097

Johannes Krieger gasped, and Corpsman Liu Phan began treating the sucking chest wound.  The CIC had been a mess before the assault force boarded, it was still a mess.

But the attackers were dead.

"Sir, stay with me."

"I'm here, kid. Takes more than that to put me down." Krieger said gamely, "Do we still have control of the ship?"

"Yes sir." said Phan

"Communications?" asked Kreiger

"Still jammed, it's coming from the dock itself, sir." Commander O'Reilly reported.

"What do we have online?" Krieger asked.

"Uh...we have thrust and helm...but we'd be flying blind."

"Weapons. What weapons can we bring up?" asked Kreiger

"What are you going to do, Sir?" asked O'Reilly

"The dock's a big ****** target." Krieger said, "Get me forward batteries up and aim them at the dock control structure. Ff you have to, aim the ****** things by hand!!"

"Aye sir."

"SIr, you're going to shoot the station?!"

Krieger gasped again, "Yes.  I think at this point, worrying about things like careers or collateral damage is kind of moot, don't you? Carry out your damned orders! we can't even find out what's going on unless we destroy that jamming!! Get these bodies out of my ship!"

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